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Release Day Tour - Kiss The Sky By Krista & Becca Ritchie

Kiss the Sky Official Cover-2
Title: Kiss the Sky
Authors: Krista & Becca Ritchie
Genre: New Adult Standalone Romance
Release Date: January 24, 2014
Virgin. Sex addict. Daredevil. Alcoholic. Smartass … Jackass. Her five friends are about to be filmed. Reality TV, be prepared.
Rose Calloway thought she had everything under control. At twenty-three, she’s a Princeton graduate, an Academic Bowl champion, a fashion designer and the daughter of a Fortune 500 mogul. But with a sex addict as a sister and roommate, nothing comes easy. After accepting help from a producer, Rose agrees to have her life filmed for a reality television show. The Hollywood exec is her last chance to revive her struggling fashion line, and boundaries begin to blur as she’s forced to make nice with a man who always has his way. Twenty-four-year-old Connor Cobalt is a guy who bulldozes weak men. He’s confident, smart-as-hell and lives with his equally ambitious girlfriend, Rose Calloway. Connor has to find a way to protect Rose without ruining the show. Or else the producer will get what Connor has always wanted—Rose’s virginity.
This New Adult Standalone Romance can be described as Friends meets The Real World. Expect fist fights, drugs, sex of varying degrees, crude humor and competitive alpha males. Definitely for mature readersaudiences only.
KTS Release Blitz Excerpt
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My Review

Ok this isn't something I would normally read. but I liked the sound of it from the synopsis. 

Connor and Rose have know each other for years since school. Ten years. Both come from prominent families, so both feel the pressure to do well. 

Rose signs herself and 2 sisters, and their other halves up for a reality TV show. Her sister Lily is a sex addict. But they get more than they bargained for.

Ok, I struggled with this book. I felt there was just too much going on. It took me longer to read than it would normally. I finished it though and I enjoyed the ending. 

I liked Rose and Conner and their characters and how they developed both individually and together. I  did like the story as a whole but just felt at times there was too much going on. I could see in my mind it playing out like a reality show.  I think Rose was too Trusting in the tv team and because of her issue with control. 

I think this book was good and you should definitely give it a look. 

I give this 3.5 stars. 

About the Authors
150219_201945006672435_704378981_n   Krista Ritchie has a clone...or someone who looks exactly like her. If she's not writing books with her twin sister, she's pouring over entertainment news and ingesting copious amounts of pop culture. She likes tennis, that thing called the TV, and beating Becca (her clone) on Sega Genesis. She created YA Book Exchange to combat her book buying addiction and started Nawanda Files, a YA Book Blog that features books into movies news, to share her love for all things bookish. Oh, and she does something called science. Whatever that is. Krista & Becca Ritchie write New Adult books that make you cringe, gasp, and go ooh-la-la. (If you do that sort of thing.) They are currently working on the spin-offs and final books in the Addicted series.  
Connect with the Authors

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Website | Krista Goodreads | Becca Goodreads


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Release - Underworld Champions by Ella Stone

***CONTENT WARNING*** This book is NOT suitable for under 18s due to a ridiculous amount of sexual situations that just aren't cool to replicate if you're under age. 
A Contemporary biker romance.

Maddie's life has always been hard. With an absent mother and a father who is beyond help. She's all on her own.

When her father carks it, she has no money, and some jerk with bad breath is always hovering around her to take advantage.

So she goes to the one person who owes her a favour - her mother. She's married to the president of the MC Outlaws. That's a motorcycle club. Maddie's never really been into that shit, but she doesn't have a choice. And surprisingly, she's going to come to rely on the Outlaws more than she ever expected.

Cole is one of those jackass guys who girls should keep away from at all costs. But he's hot, and Maddie finds she can't help herself. He's her dad's Vice Prez, and so goddamned hot, he'd melt the panties off a nun.

She should run, she should stay as far away from her past as she can, but instead, she keeps running to that sexy biker, Cole.

Cole understands Maddie, you see - he's damaged too. Can these two tortured souls find a way to heal each other. Will Cole be herChampion?


“That’s the little bitch trespasser I was tellin’ you about earlier,” Banger announces, the moment he sees me. I suck in my breath, feeling a little surprised when I’m confronted with my step-father and Banger, who are standing in his living room, looking slightly pissed off.

 “You couldn’t call and say you were coming?” my step-father rumbles, his hands on his hips as he looks at me pointedly. 

“Surprise?” I try to sound confident and behave as though having two angry bikers staring at me, doesn’t faze me. But it does. Fuck I’m weak.

“You know her Prez?” an older man I didn’t see before asks from by the front door, his voice even more smoke worn than my step-father’s.

“She’s my daughter.”

The statement causes both Banger’s and my jaw to drop, like we’re both characters in a cartoon show. “Shit Prez. I had no idea,” he bumbles.

“Don’t you mean ‘step-daughter’?” I demand, wondering what the hell is going on.

He just grunts and doesn’t give me an answer to my question. “You and me. We’ve got a lot to talk about.”

“But…” I start, only to be interrupted.

“We’ll talk tonight. I’ve got shit to attend to back at the club, and your mother will want to have this talk too. Just make yourself at home until then. Alright?”

“Fine,” I say. What else can I do?

“You know we have this place alarmed right?” a voice says from in the hallway. Shit. There’s someone else here too?

When my eyes search for the source of the voice, my heart stops. I see him. He’s the most perfect specimen of a man, I’ve ever laid my eyes on. If an angel, fell to earth and decided to go all rugged and shit, then join a biker gang - You’d have this guy. He’s the exact opposite to what I’d imagined my father’s men to look like. He has dark messy hair and blue eyes, so piercing that I swear they’re lasering the seam of my panties as we speak. Because ladies, those panties are about to drop to the floor. Oh. My. God.

There’s talking going on. But I don’t even hear. I’m too mesmerised by the man moving toward me, and the fact that as he speaks, I see the flash of silver in his mouth. He has a tongue piercing.

My pussy just clenched.

My eyes rake over his body, drinking in every divine detail of his hard, lean, physique - the silver chain on his neck and his Harley Davidson ring are downright sexy, as are the leather cuffs that adorn the wrist of his tattooed arms. On his cut, it says he’s the club VP.

“Did you even ask her who she was at the compound, Banger? You’re a fuckin’ idiot. I don’t even know why we patched you in.” His voice is thick and deep, and rolls over me like a caressing hand. I clench my insides again, sure that my panties must be drenched just from looking at him. 

Clench. Clench. Clench.

“Enough,” my step-father interrupts, silencing the two men. The hot one narrows his eyes at Banger, whose face has turned pale. “Banger. Go back with Robbo and man your post. Next time, find out who the fuck you’re pullin’ your gun on.  And you,” he says, his eyes landing on me. “Don’t ever break into my house again. You’ll fuckin’ wait outside on the fuckin’ veranda. Got it?”

“Whatever,” I return, rolling my eyes at the whole stupid situation. Banger makes some sort of apology and leaves.

“You’ve got a giant set of fucking balls on you girl,” the hot one says to me.

“Balls are soft. I’ve got a vagina. Much tougher.” I straighten to my entire five foot-six height and fold my arms across my chest defiantly.

“Is that so?” he grins, his cheeks creasing into dimples that make him even sexier than he already was. Clench.

He saunters over, pausing in front of me, a cocky look on his face as he openly ogles me. “Not bad.” His eyes are on my tits when he says that, so I push him away. Annoyed. Embarrassed… something.

“Cole,” my step-father growls, taking a hold of my arm and pulling me around so I’m facing him. “How long are you stayin’ for?”

“I don’t know. Just until I’m back on my feet.”

“You can stay as long as you like,” he says, his voice holding an hint of kindness.

“I don’t need your fucking charity,” I bite out, tightening my arms across my chest.

“Sure you don’t. Why the hell else would you be sniffing around here then?” Hot guy/VP/Cole says from behind me.

“Cole.” My step-father growls again, and I wonder what kind of President appoints a mouthy VP. His eyes land on me again.  

“’If I’m an inconvenience, you could always just give me a loan and I’ll get out of here.” I shrug, hating that I do need help. “Just ‘til I can get a job and pay you back.”

My step-father narrows his eyes, thinking for a moment. I hope that he’s thinking about giving me some cash, so I can piss off and get on with my life. “You can stay here, and I’ll work out a way for you to earn your keep.” He digs in his pocket and hands me a key. “Next time though, use this.”

“You’re lucky nothin’ happened to you on the way here. It’s not safe for a girl wandering around out there on her own,” Cole rumbles from behind me.

“I’ll was fine. I know what cars sound like.”

“It’s not the cars you should be worried about. It’s the bikers who don’t know you’re Prez’s daughter. They won’t waste any time trying to fuck that tight little arse of yours.”

“Cole,” my step-father warns again.

I turn my head to Cole and look him dead in the eye. “Step-daughter,” I insist. “And it wouldn’t be the first time. I’m used to men taking what they want from me.” The comment causes an expression I can’t quite read to flit across his features. “Thanks for the bed,” I say to my step-father, holding up the key as I meet his eyes. They’re filled with questions right now. It makes me wonder what type of an upbringing he and my mother think I had.

He grips at my wrist, pulling me a little closer toward him. “Don’t ever walk to the compound on your own again. Understand?”

“Whatever ‘Prez’,” I spit, openly mocking him.

He leans in, close to my ear and growls. “It’s my club. I don’t give a fuck who you are. I command respect. Understood?”

Looking up at him, I nod.

He releases my hand and turns toward the door. “Stay put. I’ve got shit to do. So we’ll talk later.”

“Goodbye princess,” Cole rumbles in my ear on the way past.

I stand there, watching as the both leave, my heart jumping wildly in my chest as Cole turns at the door and winks at me. It makes my nipples tighten.

Fuck that man’s delicious. Clench, clench, clench.

My Review 
Ok first I wanted to say there has been a LOT said about the first copy of this book, a lot of people had said it had been copied from Bella Jewel's MC Books. Which I have read all of them. I was sent the first issue of copy and when I started reading it, I could see what was people were talking about. 
I then got an email off Ella apologising saying that she never read any of Bella's book's. Ella has been in contact with Bella Over The book and Ella advises that Bella has read the book after it has been reworked and re-edited. 
So I think everyone deserves a second chance in life. And I am going to review this based on the second book Ella has done. 
I have reviewed the Re -Written version of this book.

There a lot of MC Biker books out at the minute and I have read my fair share. This book contains a some graphic scenes. 
Ok, Maddie has buried her dad, she hated him and what he allowed to happen to her.  While she is at the hospital her mum and some guy she thinks is her step father come give her some money and an address if she needs anything. 
Maddie cant remember when she last seen her mum, she's no where to go and running from her dad's dealer. Only when she meets up with her mum, she's told she was kidnapped by her uncle and its him she thought of as dad. 
Only Maddie knows what happened to her at the hands of her fathers dealer. 

I have taken this on its own merit. Yes it's graphic and contains scenes of child abuse were Maddie is looking back remembering what has happened to her. And how it has affected the rest of her life. You can tell this in her behaviour. 
The story line is one of hope, struggles and heartache. It doesn't sugar coat it. Is this bad. I don't think so. Child abuse and rape do happen. Its properly happening somewhere right now. Ella has written it in context I think. It's shocking but it makes you think about the bigger picture and the victims it is happening to. 
I did like this story. I like Maddies character I thought she was real enough.  
I liked Cole. I don't know if I liked that he was still sleeping with other while chasing Maddie, but we all know some like this right? 
It has hot biker men. angst, drama, heartbreak and love. what more can you ask for. 
I did read this in one go. I couldn't put it down. 
Ella says in her blurb, she writes from experience. And if any of this story is personal to Ella, big hugs to you girl. 
I would recommend this book, but also to say. Take it at its own Merit. Make up your own mind. 
I give this 4/5 Stars. 

About The Author 
Ella is a twenty-something Australian author who has spent most of her life, living on the wrong side of the tracks, hanging around with the wrong kind of people. At the time, it was fun and dangerous. But now that she's cleaned herself up, and started a family, she's decided to write, using her past as the inspiration for the many tales she wants to share.

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Blog Tour - One To Keep By Tia Louise

ONE TO KEEP (Book 2):


WARNING: Mature themes, strong language and sexual content. Recommended for adult readers (18+) only!

There’s a new guy in town...

“Patrick Knight, single, retired Guard-turned private investigator. I was a closer. A deal maker. I looked clients in the eye and told them I’d get their shit done. And I did...”

Patrick doesn’t do “nice.”
At least, not anymore.

After his fiancée cheats, he follows up with a one-night stand and a disastrous office hook-up. His business partner (Derek Alexander) sends him to the desert to get his head straight—and clean up the mess.

While there, Patrick meets Elaine, and blistering sparks fly, but she’s not looking for any guy. Or a long-distance relationship.

Patrick’s ready to do anything to keep her, but just when it seems he’s changed her mind, the skeletons from his past life start coming back.


She didn’t push me away or tell me no as I kissed her again with more urgency this time. She turned, and I kissed her cheek.

“I’m too weak when it comes to you,” she murmured as I traced the line of her jaw with my lips. “I should be stronger.”

My kisses moved to her temple and into her hairline. She was so beautiful, and I had her again. “You’re incredibly strong,” I murmured. “You held me off for three weeks when everything in me wanted to come here and take you back.”

I could feel her breathing pick up as I kissed her, and the tension below my waist grew tighter. My mouth returned to hers, and it opened quickly, tongues uniting, her fingers now threading in my hair.

Her lips were so sweet, but I moved my kisses to her chin, dropping down to her neck, and unfastening the buttons on her shirt, kissing every spot of delicate skin that was revealed as it came apart…

(Standalone, M/F, HEA)

Barnes & Noble:
iTunes: (coming soon!)

My Review

I Love the first book One To Hold It was amazing. So I was really looking forward to this one. 

One to keep is Patrick and Elaine' story. 

Patrick has not been partners with Derek long, He also has spent time in the army. He's heartbroken after coming home and finding his fiancée with someone else. So he's flirting with every woman he see's including the secretary. 

He goes with Derek to a conference to do some networking. And While there he meets Elaine. And they both are stunned by the feelings towards each other. 

This story contains Hot Alpha males. It had the right amount of pace and the story was written wonderfully.
I loved Elaine and Patrick's  character's. They are both strong willed and independent. So they have to work hard at the distance as they live a distance apart. It has the right amount of angst. 

This is a story you will Love. 

Tia, again another amazingly brilliantly stunning book. 

I was given an Arc copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

This book gets 5/5. 

ONE TO HOLD Synopsis (Book 1):

"HOT! FUN! ENJOYABLE! 5 STARS!!! I highly recommend this story and can't wait to read more from Tia Louise!" --Aleatha Roming, NYT & USA Today bestselling author of the Consequences series

***WARNING: Mature themes, strong language and sexual content. Recommended for adult readers (18+) only!***

Derek Alexander is a retired Marine, ex-cop, and the top investigator in his field. Melissa Jones is a small-town girl trying to escape her troubled past.

When the two intersect in a bar in Arizona, their sexual chemistry is off the charts. But what is revealed during their "one week stand" only complicates matters.

Because she'll do everything in her power to get away from the past, but he'll do everything he can to hold her. 

My Review of One To Hold - 

Melissa and her best friend Elaine go for a spa week for a mental health break - Melissa's idea, she needs to get away from some thing. The first night there she meets Derek and it's fireworks when they get together. He knows she's hiding something and he's being a bit vague. They have the week together, who knows when they'll see each other again.......

I love how Tia kept you guessing what it is Melissa is hiding. I love Melissa's character, she's someone you can relate to or know someone just like her. And girls there's a new book boyfriend on the block in in the form of Derek Alexander. 

I was hooked when I started reading this I couldn't put it down till id read it. I loved it. For a Debut book it was amazing, you wouldn't think it was a debut book. Tia is an Author to watch out for.

This gets 5/5 stars.

(Standalone, M/F, HEA)

 ONE TO KEEP (Patrick & Elaine) is LIVE!
 Get ONE TO HOLD (Melissa & Derek) for ONLY 99 CENTS TODAY!

**Paperbacks on:

About Tia Louise:

Tia Louise is a former journalist, world-traveler, and collector of beautiful men (who inspire all of her stories... wink)—turned wife, mommy, and novelist.

She lives in the center of the U.S.A. with her lovely family and one grumpy cat. There, she dreams up stories she hopes are engaging, hot, and sexy, and that cause readers rethink common public locations…

It’s possible she has a slight truffle addiction.

Books by Tia Louise:
One to Hold (Derek & Melissa), 2013
One to Keep (Patrick & Elaine), 2014


Connect with Tia:

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Cover Reveal - Ridge By Adriane Leigh

Title: Ridge (Wild #2)
Author: Adriane Leigh
Series: Wild Series
Genre: Erotic Romance
Expected Release Date: March 3, 2014
Cover Designer: Cover It! Designs
Sometimes doing the wrong thing feels so right... I'm a player. I'm an asshole. I'm someone you should stay away from. I have demons. I've made mistakes. And the biggest can't be taken back. I've gone to hell and back in twenty-nine years and I'm only now coming to terms with moving forward, righting my wrongs, and making amends. Except not everyone deserves forgiveness. Sometimes the damage done is beyond repair. Everyday is exactly the same. I focus on the pain, in the quest to feel and forget, but I remember everything. When I close my eyes the darkness encroaches and some days it feels like the things that kill me are the things that make me feel alive.
I hovered over her sweet body, the soft flesh beneath my fingers like fucking silk. Her hands laced in the rungs of the headboard above her head, propping her breasts high and full for me. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy, full lips formed in a a perfect O as moans escaped her throat. She was fucking stunning. I moved in and out of her, slowing my pace, hitting her as deep as I could, rounding my hips with each slow thrust and drag. She was everything, had been my everything for a few months, the only one that had ever gotten me. All of me. The me that no one else had ever seen. Fuck of it was, she was my brother’s fiancée. I’d fucking taken her right from under him. I hadn’t meant to, I don’t think she’d meant to either, it’d just happened one night, and there’d been no going back. And now here we were, months later, I was still plowing into her—taking her, owning her, making her mine—every fucking night in my bed, hearing her call my name, her eyes hazy with lust and love when I finished. Except tonight was different. Tonight was the last time. Tonight I was ending it. My heart clutched in my chest as the words floated through my head. My eyes burned with the pain of it. I didn’t want to let her go, but more than anything, I was sick of running. And seeing my brother again had finally opened my eyes. This was it. This was it for us. For me and her. For the girl that had wrapped her fingers around my soul and held it so fucking tightly it was as if my every fucking breath depended on her.
Copyright 2013 by Adriane Leigh    
About the Author
Adriane Leigh   Adriane Leigh was born and raised in a snowbank in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and now lives amongst the sand dunes of the Lake Michigan lakeshore. She graduated with a Literature degree but never particularly enjoyed reading Shakespeare or Chaucer. Adriane is married to a tall, dark and handsome guy, plays mama to two sweet baby girls, and is a voracious reader and knitter.  

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Blog Tour - Love Water Memory By Jennie

Title: Love Water Memory
Author: Jennie Shortridge 
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Publication Date: January 14, 2014
Publisher: Gallery Books 
Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.


If you could do it all over again, would you still choose him? At age thirty-nine, Lucie Walker has no choice but to start her life over when she comes to, up to her knees in the chilly San Francisco Bay, with no idea how she got there or who she is. Her memory loss is caused by an emotional trauma she knows nothing about, and only when handsome, quiet Grady Goodall arrives at the hospital does she learn she has a home, a career, and a wedding just two months away. What went wrong? Grady seems to care for her, but Lucie is no more sure of him than she is of anything. As she collects the clues of her past self, she unlocks the mystery of what happened to her. The painful secrets she uncovers could hold the key to her future—if she trusts her heart enough to guide her.

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Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound 

My Review 

Lucie is found standing in the bay up to her knee's, she doesn't remember who she is. After her story goes on the news her fiancé comes forward and takes her home. She's suffering from amnesia. 

Once she gets home, she still trying to remember, she remembers nothing. 

I struggled with this book. I thought it was a bit slow. I think the story it's self was ok, but I just didn't connect with it. It made me sad as I was looking forward to this from the Blurb. 

 I think the concept of the story was good. I liked the characters. I don't know what it was I just wasn't feeling it. It did make you think about what would happen if it happened to you. 

I am giving this 3/5 because I did like the concept of the story. 

About the Author

Jennie Shortridge has published five novels: Love Water Memory,When She Flew, Love and Biology at the Center of the Universe,Eating Heaven, and Riding with the Queen. When not writing, teaching writing workshops, or volunteering with kids, Jennie stays busy as a founding member of, a collective of Northwest authors devoted both to raising funds for community literacy projects and to raising awareness of Northwest literature.

Connect with Jennie: Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads

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Review - Wild Heart By Jennifer Culbreth

Ani Forrest has spent most of her life trying to find the right path. She’s spent the last five years attempting to experience the world. But no matter how hard she tries, nothing ever feels right. With her father’s health failing, she finds herself back in the sleepy Tennessee town where she grew up. 
However, fate has a choice for Ani to make, does she resume the life she once had or does she take the opportunity for something different? Cash Roberts, the man who once held her heart, is vowing to win Ani back. But the temptation of something new is too strong to resist when a handsome stranger shows up in town. Knox O’Connell has brought his M.C. to Coker Creek in an attempt to get away from the anarchy and chaos of Ireland. The last thing he needs is the enticement of a free spirited woman. That is until she turns his world upside down.
Will Knox be able to win Ani over? In the midst of rival M.C. retaliation, will she be able to put her worries aside and follow the path that fate has given her or will she stay on the road that has always been familiar? What would you do if your past and present collided together, leaving you standing at a crossroad unsure of which path to take. 

Buy Links - - 
Barnes and Noble -

My Review 

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review by the author. 

I loved this book. 

When Ani Forrest gets a full scholarship to NYC she runs without looking back at who she's leaving behind. After her boyfriend Cash who she's know since they were tots, tells her he's not going with her. She leaves him behind along with her best friend Kate. 

Ani only comes back when her dad gets sick. Cash thinks they can just pick up were they left off. But Ani is still mad at him. There's a group of biker's in town and Ani cant stop flirting with the Irish Prez Knox. 

As I said I absolutely loved this. From the beginning it had me hooked. It was a really late night or very early morning reading this. I COULDN'T put it down. This book keeps you on your toes. 

You just love Ani from the start. She's Strong, pretty, and knows what she wants. the relationship between her and Knox is hot, hot, hot.  but part of being with know is being a part of the club good or bad. 

And this has devastating consequences for Ani. I've got to tell you I cried, I felt like Screaming(very quietly considering what time I was reading it). This book pulls all the emotions from you. 

At the beginning I wanted her to stay with Cash, but then we get to know Knox and yeah He's hot. 

Jennifer Culbreth is extremely talented in her writing. The pace and flow of the writing was perfect. It enthrals you from the first page. At the bits where Ani is kidnapped it is written tastefully. 

Jennifer Culbreth has fast become one of my favourite authors. And I can only predict great things for her. For anyone who has yet to read a Jennifer Culbreth Novel you really don;t know what your missing out on.  

Jennifer, Thank you for letting me read this book. It is absolutely Fantastic. It is exceptionally written. And enthrals you from the first page. I can't wait for the next book. 

I would give this 5/5 stars and 5/5 for movie moments. 


Other Books By Jennifer 

Protect Me (Protected Love #1)

Abbi Hastings had never been fearless. She'd been firmly entangled in her small town roots her entire life until an unexpected inheritance provided her a chance to escape. As she took the only opportunity she’d have to get out, Abbi left her world behind and boarded the plane with her one way ticket to Los Angeles. 
Relentless and fighting for her own independence, it all goes to hell when fate throws a twist into her plans. Everything changes the day she accidentally falls into the arms of Ryan. Tall, dark eyed, and handsome CEO of LA’s hottest bodyguard service who is fighting some dark demons of his own. 
Can Abbi take a leap of faith and dare to experience all that the world has to offer, accepting that fate has brought her here into the arms of the man who will protect her? Protect her mind, body, and soul. 

Cherish Me (Protected Love #2)

Haunted by vivid nightmares that force her to relive the night she was shot, Judy Adams struggles to heal physically and emotionally. Rejected by her family; she finds a ray of hope when an unexpected friend shows up on her doorstep. However her recovery is quickly derailed when she begins receiving sinister threats.

Fueled by revenge and vowing to stop the one causing the terror towards the one he loves, Jace Alexander along with the men of VIP Bodyguard Service decide to take matters into their own hands. Using the training they received in the military and enlisting the help of some unexpected allies, they stumble upon some dark secrets from the past. 

With danger and tragedy looming around every corner, can their relationship withstand the strain? Or will it crack under the pressure taking with it everything they cherish most?

A short sexy novella by Jennifer Culbreth

Sometimes life's easier when you live it behind a mask. But what happens when someone comes along and makes you want to take that mask off?

This novella is 45 pages. Contains whips, restraints, and graphic sexual content. Intended for adults over the age of 18. Enjoy...

About the Author 

I was born and raised in a small town that until maybe a year ago, you couldn't find on a map. After high school I did what every wild child from a small town would do and kicked rocks to the farthest college I could go to. Which happened to be about 20 miles out of town, I didn't trust my old clunker of a truck to go much farther than that. After graduating college with a shiny new piece of paper hung in a $3.00 Wal-mart frame I got my first "big girl" job with Synovus Financial Corporation. 

During the five years I stayed at the company, I bought a new truck, moved into my own apartment (in the same small town), and met the man who would eventually accept my craziness and ask me to marry him. I am privileged to call myself a US Navy Wife. My husband currently serves on the USS Hue City, which has been deployed more times during our marriage than it has been home. But we look forward to a three year shore duty in Colorado Springs. 

I have been very lucky to have had the support of my friends and family during the years and I look forward to many more years full of there snide remarks and sarcasm. I wouldn't want them any other way.

Author Links
Facebook -
Twitter - jculbrethauthor
Website -!