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Blog Tour - Ravage Me By Ryan Michelle


Ravage Me Ebook

After spending the last two years stuck behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit, Harlow ‘Princess’ Gavelson’s time inside has finally come to an end, and she’s ready for revenge. Unfortunately, being the daughter to the Vice President of the Ravage Motorcycle Club cuts into her plans, as orders must be followed. Trying to settle back into this life is proving difficult when the tables are turned and the woman who framed her is out for blood. Lucky for Princess, growing up in a MC has taught her how to hold her own.
After spending years in hell overseas, Donavon ‘Cruz’ came home to lose the very thing he went into hell for, sending him to the darkest moments of his life. Joining Ravage two years ago was his safe haven, and he protects his family at all costs.
When a dark-haired bombshell struts into the club’s shop, he’s caught off guard but immediately knows she’s the one he’d do anything for. Tough as nails, and taking no crap from anyone, he’s captivated by a woman who could handle this life. Trying to meet the needs of the MC business and follow his heart proves to be difficult when the two collide, and lives are at stake.
Can these two find a way to be together, or will the needs of Ravage cost them everything, including their lives?
*Contains mature content including, sex and violence. Mature audiences only.*

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Ravage Me Blog Tour Teaser

“Sugar, you just stirred up a shit storm.” The southern drawl to his voice mixed with the smell of leather, cigarettes, and radiating testosterone would have made my pussy clench, but he ruined that by pressing a damn gun to my head.
“Low, don’t.” I ignored Casey just as I always did. Quickly, I turned my body. As my arm reached back to knock the gun out of his hand, I instantly froze. The three patch rag falling on his chest was a red light flashing in my eyes. Immediately, I stopped, putting my hands in front of me. I would never touch a brother, outside of the ring that is.
The man standing in front of me caught my breath and short-circuited my senses. His broad shoulders were covered with a skin-tight, black t-shirt and leather rag adorned with several patches that fit him like a glove. His bulging arms were covered in tattoos from the wrist up. They were flexed, one pointed the gun with precision, and the other was fisted at his side. His light caramel hair was cut short on the sides, but longer on the top, begging for a woman’s fingers to run through it. His beard was cut very short to his skin making my mouth water, wondering what it would feel like between my thighs. His sapphire eyes narrowed at me as I stared effortlessly in them, becoming entranced unable to speak.
“What the fuck is going on here?” Breaking from this man’s stare, I focused on the familiar voice I’ve missed for too long. Pops eyes swept the room quickly, and when his eyes landed on mine, the anger in them instantly faded. “What the hell’s going on?” He eyed the man with the gun pointed directly at my head and he clenched his hands into fists.
“Hey, Pops,” I said, turning my eyes back to the beautiful specimen in front of me, wanting him to know that I wasn’t afraid. If I needed a bullet in my head, so be it. I wouldn’t shy away.
“You know this bitch?” the hot asshole in front of me clipped, and my lip curled slowly. If he wasn’t wearing that rag, I’d show him how much of a bitch I could be.
“Put the damn gun down, Cruz,” Pops said jokingly. The anger dripping off this man’s face in front of me told me he didn’t see anything funny about this. He began to take a step closer. “Cruz. Stop!” Pops barked loudly as the other guys started walking up behind him. Cruz instantly stopped, but kept the gun on me. “Cruz, this is my daughter, Princess.”
“Shit. Are you fucking kidding me?” Cruz’s anger was actually pretty funny, and I had to stifle the small laugh that wanted to escape. I had too much respect to let it fly. But the shocked look on his face was pretty priceless coming from a tattooed hot-ass. I probably should have told him that sooner, but what can I say … I was born a bitch.
“No, I’m not fucking kidding you. Get the fuck away from her, and put the goddamn gun down.” Moving my head to Pops, I could see he was fuming. Whenever Pops was mad, his forehead turned bright red, and the lines throughout it became more prominent along with the vein that ticked with this heartbeat. It’s a look I always hated growing up, and it used to scare the ever-loving shit out of me.
My eyes flicked back while Cruz took one more look at me. “If you’re still pissed later, we can meet in the ring.” I smiled my damnedest. I could see the smoke threatening to come out of his ears. Confusion laced his eyes, but I wasn’t about to explain right now. I held out my hand to Cruz, “Nice to meet ya. I’m Harlow.” He stared me down as if he was hoping he could make me combust into a million pieces. Sorry Buddy, your super powers won’t work. I’ve been here too long to let that get me.
He tentatively lowered the gun, putting it behind his back, bringing his hand to mine. My hand slipped into his warm, rough, strong grip, a shock raced through my body, beginning at my connected hand and racing all the way through to my feet setting my body on fire. “Cruz.”

My Review 

I really liked this book. It was full of action, hot bikers, and romance. I couldn't put it down until it was read. 

Harlow is the daughter of a  vice president of an mc. She has been in jail for 2 years for something she hasn't done. when she gets out she wants nothing more than to get back to normal. but there is a threat out against her. So to keep her safe her dad sends her on a road trip with Cruz. Cruz has been warned by the VP not to touch Harlow. But once things heat up its hard not to. 

This book kept me on my toes. It was fast pace, constantly kept me guessing, I never expected it to lead were it did. I loved Harlow. She's feisty and can handle her self. I loved Cruz... A hot alpha male and a biker.... what's there not to love. 

This book is amazing, And a must read. 

This gets 4/5 stars.  

About The Author 
Ryan Michele’s a mom and wife who works full time. She lives in the Midwest and enjoys being outside when the weather’s nice. She even helps out in the corn field when it’s necessary.
Ryan Michele has a huge obsession with reading, which only came to life after her best friend said she had to read Twilight. After reading that series, her entire world changed in the blink of an eye. Not only was she sucked into new worlds and all of the wonderful words authors put down on paper, she felt the urge to begin to write down the characters that played inside of her head. In doing so, Safe was born. Then Wanting You and currently Ravage Me.

Ravage Me Paperback
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Blog Tour - Songbird By Lisa Edwards

Songbird (Songbird #1)
By Lisa Edward

Every relationship changes you, some for the better, others can shatter your confidence and almost destroy you.

For the musically talented, twenty-four year old Tara O’Connell, her relationship with Stephen almost broke her, until Tara found the strength to leave.

Now she is on the road to discovering that it is never too late to pursue your dreams and follow your heart.

As Tara’s self-belief grows, she meets two men she is instantly drawn to who will change her life forever.

Corporal Riley Hammond is a soldier in the Australian Military Special Forces. With his smiling sapphire blue eyes, Tara falls for him instantly. He is thoughtful and caring, and gives her the support and love she needs.

While Cole Michaels is the overconfident singer in a popular local band. His charisma, emerald green eyes, tattoos and piercing, have girls falling at his feet. But while Cole pushes
Tara’s buttons, he also pushes her to reach for the stars.

Both men couldn't be more polar opposites, but both offer Tara different qualities that she needs to fulfill her destiny.

As Tara continues her journey, she will discover fate can offer you more than one path. Her fate is in her own hands, and the choices she makes, will shape her life forever.

The three of them made themselves at home while I went into the kitchen to fetch some drinks and check on dinner. I was opening the bottle of wine that Cooper had brought, when I felt someone enter the room behind me.
“Do you need a hand with that?”
I turned around; it was Riley, his hand extended ready to take the bottle.
“No I think I can manage,” I answered smiling, before turning my attention back to the complicated corkscrew.
“Is there anything I can do to help with dinner then?”
“No, I’ve got everything under control, thanks,” I replied smiling more widely. It was really sweet of him to offer, but truthfully there wasn’t that much more to do.
He smiled crookedly at me. “You’re not going to make it easy for me are you,” he chuckled.
I looked at him a little confused and he must have read my expression.
“I’m trying to find an excuse to hang out in the kitchen with you.”
I wasn’t sure how to respond. With every dinner party I had thrown while I was with Shithead, I had been relegated to the kitchen alone while he entertained. This was a new experience for me, not being treated like the hired help.
“You don’t need an excuse to talk to me,” I finally replied. “You can just keep me company.”
He smiled a full beaming smile and held out his hands. “At least let me get some glasses.”
I pointed to the glasses cupboard above the bench, and he reached up exposing the top of his Calvin Klein boxer shorts, perfectly defined abs and the most mouth watering V over his hip bones. I sighed a little too loudly as I stared lustfully, and I heard him chuckle. I managed to drag my eyes away from his body to find him looking over his shoulder at me, his Irish eyes shining.
“Are you checking me out?” he asked cheekily.
I turned away trying to find something to focus on as my face flushed at being caught red handed. “No I was just...........I mean I was..............,” I tried to think of something to say but failed miserably. I looked at him and shrugged resignedly. “I got nothing.”
He chuckled at my response. “Don’t be embarrassed, I’ve been doing the same thing, I’m just trained in covert ops so I don’t get caught.” And he grinned wickedly.
“You’ll have to teach me a few of your tricks.” Two could play this game I thought.
“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” he bounced back, leaning his hip up against the bench.
I laughed at his cheesy yet suggestive response.
“You’ve got a great laugh you know,” he said which made me blush. “And you’re a blusher; I’ll have to add that to my Tara dossier.”  
“So you have a file on me?” I asked, finally managing to open the wine bottle.
“Babe, there’s a whole Operation named after you.”

My Review 

Debut Book

I loved this book. It was compelling and amazing. And I read it in one go. When I had finished reading it. I took a big sigh and said WOW. Even after I had read it. I was still thinking about it. 

I can't wait for Songbird Caged.

Tara O'Connell leave her controlling, obsessive, possessive boyfriend Stephen and attempts to get back her life. Its hard as she's use to someone telling her what to talk about, what to wear. 

I felt a bit raw reading this, as I knew to an extent on what Tara was going through as I was in a similar relationship before I met my husband. 

She moves into a tiny flat which is her best friend Kellie's. Through Kellie's boyfriend Cooper she meets Riley Hammond. Both Cooper and Riley are in the special ops. 

Riley is a sweet, hot, amazingly hot, did I say that already. Riley is the type of guy that every girl wants. The attraction between them is instant. 

Then we have Cole, a playboy, musician, hot guy, and the attraction is instant. 

Tara is committed to Riley and doesn't act on the connection with Cole. Then Riley gets posted abroad. 

OMG, seriously, this book is one you have to read.  

Usually when there is a love triangle you route for one guy. NOT so in this book. I was actually rooting for both!!!! I really don't know who I like more Cole or Riley. 

This book pulls all the emotions out of you, I shouted and screamed and cried and laugh this book has it all. 

For a Debut Book, Lisa Edwards has the natural talent of writing that seems like she has been writing for years. 

Lisa, thank you for giving me the opportunity of review this book. It was compelling, beautifully written, An amazing story, Lisa gets everything so right about this book. Its Fantastic and you really need to read this. 

This gets 5/5 stars and 3/5 for movie moments. 


About the Author

While Lisa Edward has called Melbourne Australia home for her entire life, she has lived and worked in England, and traveled through most parts of Europe and the United States. She loves nothing more than spending time with her husband and beautiful daughter, or curling up into the early hours of the morning with a great novel. By day, Lisa works in the analytical IT field, so relishes the opportunity to foster her creative side through writing. Her deep appreciation for literature was nurtured from a young age, being taught to respect books and get lost in their stories. She enjoys reading honest and realistic novels that are relatable, thought provoking and leave a lasting impression. She can’t write without music playing, using the emotions from different songs to invoke that of her characters. Lisa takes inspiration from her own life experiences, the people around her and those she has met in her travels.

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Blog Tour - This Much Is True By Katherine Owen

This Much Is True by Katherine Owen
Publication date: August 11th 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


Fate brings them together
Fame & lies keep them apart
One truth remains…

She’s become the Paly High girl with the most tragic story…
At 17, Tally Landon just wants to graduate and leave for New York to pursue ballet. Her best friend Marla convinces her to attend one last party—a college party—where she can be among strangers and evade the whisperings about her heartbreaking loss of her twin that follows her everywhere she goes. She meets Lincoln Presley, Stanford’s famous baseball wonder and has a little fun at his expense—when she lies about her age and who she really is—intent on being someone else for the night and escaping her tragic story.

His only focus is baseball, but he can’t forget the girl he saved on Valentine’s Day…
At 22, Lincoln Presley’s star is on the rise—about to finish at Stanford and expected to be taken early in Major League Baseball’s upcoming draft—his cousin’s party serves as a welcome distraction. But then, he sees the girl from Valentine’s Day that he saved from that horrific car accident and can’t quite hide his disappointment when she appears to look right through him and not remember him at all. He vows to learn her name at least before he leaves. What’s the harm in getting to know this girl? What’s the worst that can happen?

They share this incredible connection, but fate soon tests these star-crossed lovers in all kinds of ways…
And yet, despite the lies being told to protect the other, and the trappings of fame that continually separate them, and in lieu of the deception by those they’ve come to trust the most; one truth remains.

This much is true.

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My Review 

I really liked this story. Its a story of heartache and the devastation of losing someone.  
Tally and Holly are identical twins. On their way home they are in a fatal car accident. Tally tries to pick up the pieces, but life is never the same in more ways than one. That night Tally is saved by a up and coming baseball player Lincoln Presley.

This book is heartbreaking. You really feel for Tally, losing the other half of her self. She's lost, she not only has that to come to terms with, she's also a rising ballet star, she has an eating disorder. She eventually  makes it to NYC to the NYC ballet, but is then hit with a heartbreaking choice she has to make. 

The loss of a sibling is the most heart wrenching thing anyone will go through especially at a young age. This book brought so many memories back for me after losing my brother at the young age of 21. 

You really feel for Tally, just as you think she may just be getting there something else happens. And Lincoln, wow, he's someone else trying survive in a different way, being told by others what's best and what he has to do. Ultimately they have to stay away from each other due to the age difference. 

This book is fantastic. 
I give it 4/5 stars 

About The Author 
Dark. Edgy. Contemporary. Romantic. Were we describing me? Or my fiction? Sorry. I drink too, not enough water. I swear too much for God and my mother, and I slip these into my fiction. Sorry. I'm impatient, a perfectionist, a wordsmith, a dreamer, which ends up being good and bad. I'm a workaholic; ask my fam-dam-ily. I've written four novels in as many years: SEEING JULIA, NOT TO US, & WHEN I SEE YOU, as well as my latest release THIS MUCH IS TRUE. If you love angsty, unpredictable love stories, I'm yours. ♥   

Blog Tour - The Rain Trilogy By Karen Anne Stewart

Rain Trilogy Karen-Anne Stewart
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Synopsis book 1:
Raina has tried to forget her past, forget the pain, but when she finds herself staring straight into the fury blazing in her ex-boyfriend's eyes, her dark past comes rushing back. Furious with herself for actually having chosen someone like her father, she uses that anger to her advantage and fights for her life...and for her future that she prays will involve the man she can't seem to get out of her head. Kas is a natural leader, a fierce  fighter, the type of man you send in when you need to get the job done. He is a courageous hero who is used to risking his own life to save others, but can he save the one who has captured his heart from her horrific past and the men who are hell-bent on destroying her? As Kas and Raina try to navigate through the twists and turns of a deviously intelligent human trafficking group, they find solace in each other's arms. Can they infiltrate the trafficker's tight ring, saving the innocent lives from imminent danger before it's too late?
My Review 

I loved this book. 

We meet Rain and Kas both working for the FBI, kas permanently Rain on a temporary basis.  Kas and his friend  Chase - a physiologist, were put on Rains case, after her ex boyfriend tried to harm her, plus what she's suffered at the hands of her father. 

but Rain and Kas are attracted to each other. After Rain comes out of hospital she goes to stay with Kas. 

This book pulls you in and makes you read until the end. It constantly leaving you wondering who is behind the bad guys. It has lots going on in the story but it works. It flows beautifully. 

Synopsis book 2:
Shattered when Raina runs after his marriage proposal, Kas is hell-bent to find her and bring her home, where she belongs. He will bend every law necessary to do so, willing to do anything to protect Raina from her demons and the men who haunt her, going as far as placing his career and life on the line to save hers. Raina will give up everything she has worked so hard to achieve, even flee the country to keep Kas from the wrath and powerful reach of her abusive father.
In the midst of the FBI team closing in on the Ghost, another ghost from Raina's past taunts her, promising that she will be his. Meanwhile, a different trafficking ring is gaining strength in New Jersey. Michael solicits Raina's help, needing her smooth, sultry voice to win the audition for the new singer in the ring leader's swanky night club. Raina knows her life is in jeopardy with the dangers of being undercover, but she is blindsided when she discovers that it's her heart that is threatened with a mortal blow. 

Raina tries to heal from the nightmares of her dark past as the grisly bodies of innocent victims surface when the team gets closer to discovering the identity of the man responsible for the infuriatingly clever and powerful slavery ring. When Raina finally comes face to face with the Ghost, he quickly engulfs her in a twisted game of cat and mouse, delivering a veiled threat as he slips through her fingers. As the ghosts of her past and present ensnare her in their deadly web, Raina realizes the danger has just begun.

My Review 

This book is just as good as Saving Rain. Rain flees after Kas' proposal so kas goes after her to bring her back. When the arrival of the ghost steps up you are literary glue to the book. 

This book has plenty of angst, suspense. I would scream and shout and feel like the whole drama of the book was going to be my undoing. I don't know how much to tell you with out giving anything away. This book is that good. 

The subject of Human Trafficking is told amazingly by Karen. This book pulls you in and you cant help but become a bystander.

Synopsis book 3:
Finally able to put her harrowing past to rest, Raina looks forward to her future with Kas, but the Ghost has other plans. As the FBI team gets closer to taking down the largest human trafficking ring in the modern world, the Ghost begins a wicked game, making Raina the pawn and the target. Never before encountering a worthy adversary, he's fascinated by Raina and is enjoying the refreshing challenge of her intellect.
The danger ignites to a blazing new level, and Kas struggles between the need to finally exorcise the Ghost and his need to protect his wife. Tension mounts as an internal battle wages, tormenting Kas as he watches Raina put her all into taking down the man responsible for horrific sex slavery and gruesome deaths. When a new player takes control, Jefferson orders the end of the Ghost's game with Raina, which results in one final, devastating act, leaving Kas desperate and willing to do whatever it takes to save whatever means necessary.

My Review 

OK, so the final book, what can I tell you...... not much again without giving anything away. 

What I will say is this. There are quite a few surprises in this book, good and bad, a few laugh out loud moments - make sure you don't read this in public. A few OMG moments, nail biting moments. 

These books are beautifully written. These are the kind of books that when you get to the end you are like WOW. The whole subject throughout about sex slaves and human trafficking is handle with care and makes you sit up and think. 
The characters are beautifully written, some bad, mostly good. The Bad ones are written perfectly, the good ones you root for. I like Rain's character despite what she's gone through she always comes out fighting and Karen captures Rain perfectly. I love Kas.. what's there not to love. I love his and Rains relationship. 

You really need to get these books they are by far amazing. 

I received an Arc copy of these books in exchange for an honest review. 

These books get 5/5 stars and 5/5 for movie moments. 
About The Author 

Karen-Anne Stewart has always adored reading and has now fallen in love with writing. Her written works are The Rain Trilogy: SavingRain, Healing Rain, and After the Rain. Her debut novel, Saving Rain: The First Novel in The Rain Trilogy, was a nominee for the Book Junkie’s Choice Awards and is a nominee for the 2013 RONE Awards.

When Karen-Anne isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking, and visiting new places. She fuels her addiction of creating new stories by her only other addiction, caffeine, and listening to a myriad of musical genres. Tucked away near the Blue Ridge Mountains, Karen-Anne lives with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and their cat. She plans on writing new adult romance as long as her fingers maintain dexterity.

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Release Blitz - Angels In Leather By Bella Jewel

Angels In Leather Banner

Angels In Leather Cover
Title: Angles in Leather (Rebels On Bikes #1)
Author: Bella Jewel
Release Date: February 13, 2014
Genre: MC Romance
A girl on the run.
Her father gave her one task before he died. To deliver a package. Now she has the baddest biker in the state after her. He wants what she's got. Secrets in both the past and the present threaten to destroy what she is working so hard for. He threatens to ruin her heart. Two worlds will collide to make something explosive.  
“Fight me, don’t you stop,” Axel breathes into my ear. “I won’t hurt you, Cricket,” he murmurs, running his finger down the side of my face. “But I need you to fight.”
So, that’s what I do.
I start by squirming, trying to twist my body around. He presses his body against mine, and reaches up, tangling his fingers into the fence. He thrusts his hips, ramming both out bodies harder into the wire. I groan, and throw my head back, hitting him in the face. He snarls, and takes my hands, quickly uncuffing me before pulling them harshly behind my back and jerking my body back into his.
I hear the cuffs drop onto the ground.
I guess he’s letting me play this fairly.
“Stop that,” he rasps into my ear. “I’ll make it hurt if you do that again.”
“Maybe I want it to hurt,” I hiss, fisting my hands together and shoving them backwards into his stomach.
He stumbles off me with a grunt, and I spin around, ducking to the left and attempting to run. I don’t get two steps before Axel lashes out, taking my ankle and pulling me so hard I go down into the dirt. My face just misses being smashed into it by mere centimeters. Axel flattens his body over mine, and takes my head in his hands, jerking my head back by my hair and breathing down on me. “You’re being a bad girl,” he husks, running a finger down the side of my face.
“You’re not letting me play fair,” I whisper. “I was cuffed before, it wasn’t a fair chase.”
I feel his weight lift off me, and he jerks me up, pulling me into a standing position.
“Run, then. I’ll give you five seconds, and if I catch you again, Meadow, I’m going to f**k you,” he murmurs, then his eyes grow lusty. “Hard.” I turn without answering, and I run into the trees at the back of the lot. I hear Axel counting loudly, and my body shivers. I am sweating now, and my breathing is hard and ragged, but the chase is so worth that. I hear Axel take off after me, and I squeal with delight as I weave through the trees. It’s dark, but I can see enough because of the lights surrounding the club house.
“The minute I get hold of you,” Axel yells. “I’m goin’ to rip your panties down and put my d**k so deep inside you, you’re goin’ to scream.” I shiver, and swallow. I make my way to the fence line again, and I press myself against it for a second, letting my eyes scan the trees. “Then I’m goin’ to kiss you so hard your lips will bleed.”
Oh my.
I take off, using the fence line as a guide to get back to the other end of the lot. I can hear Axel to my left, and I know he’s gaining on me, but if I run, it’ll make a lot of noise and he’ll figure out where I am.
“Come out come out wherever you are,” he sings. “You know I’ll make you come so much your legs will give way.”
I feel a smile on my face as I keep moving along the fence, keeping my body plastered against it. I can feel my own arousal dampening my panties, and now I’m eager for him to get his hands on me. I want to know what he’s got to give.
“You can run, Cricket, but you can’t hide.”

My Review

I was so excited to receive this book. Anyone who has read a Bella Jewel book know how amazing her books are. If you have read the MC Series, then you know how amazing this book will be. 

This is the story of Cricket, whose father was the president of the club, but was shot because of some information on a usb stick. She is told by her dad before he dies to take it and give it to someone named Raide. for over 12 months Cricket is on the run she cant find Raide and Axel who  is now president of the mc is after that usb. 

I read this in one go, I couldn't read it quick enough, although when i was getting towards the end I didn't want to finish it. This book is amazing. 

I love Cricket, you feel for her being on the run, not being able to rest for to long, she's certainly resourceful at places to hide. I was talking to myself or rather at Cricket, at certain times... seriously, omg run ..... 

Axel ..... wow... A hot alpha biker and does everything to get Cricket to hand over the USB. 

One thing they have in common is the insane attraction to each other. Once you understand Axel live you feel sorry for him too. 

There are lot of hot guys in this.. Colt, Cobra, Colby ..... 

Bella, Again another fabulous book. It is stunningly perfect. It enthrals you. Be prepared to lose a few hours of your life with this book. 

This gets 5/5 stars and 5/5 for movie moments  
Buy the Book
About the Author
Bella Jewel
Bella Jewel is an Aussie girl through and through. She spent her life in Western Australia, growing up in many different areas of the state. She now currently lives in Perth with her husband, children and mass amounts of pets. She's crazy, fun, outgoing and friendly. Writing is her passion, she started at the young age of 18 but finally got the courage up to publish, and her first novel Hell's Knights was released in August 2013.
Angels in Leather Jacket

Cover Reveal - Beautiful Lies By Gina Whitney

I am so excited about this book By Gina Whitney. For anyone who hasn't read her books she is an amazing author 

Title: Beautiful Lies
Author: Gina Whitney        
Genre: Erotic Romance
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Enigmatic Cameron Sterling is quickly rising through the ranks at New York’s most prestigious and corrupt law firm Wotherspoon and Associates. He has willfully avoided any meaningful personal relationships and is content to casually hook up with Becky, a young woman who fancies herself as his actual girlfriend. As a child, Cam witnessed his father murder his mother, and this was the genesis of his relationship-avoidance issue. The only thing he cares about now is becoming a partner at Wotherspoon and Associates. Cam is obsessed with the promotion and will not let anything—or anyone—stand in his way. But when Cam crosses paths with Lilly Amsel, a fashion model, the edges of his well laid plans begin to fray. At first, Cam is unimpressed by Lilly’s exaggerated effervescence and entitled air. However, he is taken aback by her incredible beauty—legs as long as an Amazon’s, silky honeyed-hair, and blazing body. This undeniable physical attraction disturbs Cam on all levels, leaving him intrigued by Lilly and wanting to get away from her at the same time.  Lilly is strongly aroused by Cam’s moody presence. His dark, erotic looks and heady scent ignite long-dormant embers of wanton desire buried deep within her. Practically hypnotized, she finds her body reacting in the most surprising and carnal of ways. However, the two separate and never expect to see each other again, but somehow they manage to still linger on each other. Lilly’s larger-than-life persona that Cam initially encountered is a sham, though. It is a well-crafted costume that masks deeply rooted insecurity and an unfortunate dependence on prescription drugs. This stems from a horrifically abusive childhood that she is trying desperately, and unsuccessfully, to forget. Her mediocre modeling career was the perfect vehicle for her to escape that tumult and simultaneously receive acceptance and praise. It did not matter to Lilly that the kudos were based on superficial assumptions. She was still almost satisfied with the result and what modeling could not fix, the drugs could.  Enthrallment and lust have other plans, though. Despite their best efforts to stay apart, Cam and Lilly come back together and embark on a tempestuous affair. For both of them, a torrid weekend getaway in the mountains unleashes years of pent-up sexual frustration and destroys inhibitions. Cam has no problem taking charge as he relishes Lilly’s delicious inner nectar. Again and again, Cam delivers Lilly pleasure she has never known before, leaving her trembling as she reclaims the goddess within. 

Gina Whitney grew up reading Judy Blume, and Nancy Drew books. She was raised in the town of North Valley Stream, New York(Long Island)and attended community college for fashion design. At 19 she opened a boutique. She recently published her first paranormal romance novel Blood Ties. When she's not writing, she's hanging with family and friends. She shares a home with her wonderful son’s PJ and Drew, and their 200lb Mastiff Hercules. She currently lives in Massapequa, New York. Reading has always been a passion and obsession. You can usually find her typing furiously while shouting obscenities over her latest work. She also enjoys a good laugh, being snarky, espresso, and above all steamy swooning angst filled novels. She's pathologically obsessed with True Blood(Eric ;), Games of Thrones, Borgias, Vampire Diaries and Originals. You can also find her chatting it up with readers on Facebook.


Exerpt Blast - Four Years Later By Monica Murphy

We are beyond excited to bring you the first two chapters of Monica Murphy's FOUR YEARS LATER!!! FOUR YEARS LATER is a New Adult Contemporary Romance and is the final book in the Drew+Fable Series!!! It is being released on March 4th, 2014. Add it to your TBR pile ASAP!   Four Years Later   FOUR YEARS LATER Synopsis: New Adult bestselling author Monica Murphy winds up her sensational series with this sexy story of two college kids with nothing in common but a bunch of baggage and a burning attraction. Over. That about sums up everything in my life. Suspended from my college football team and forced to cut back my hours at The District bar because of my crappy grades, I can’t keep turning to my sister, Fable, and her pro-football playing husband, Drew, to bail me out. I just can’t seem to find my own way. Weed and sex are irresistible temptations—and it’s messed up that I secretly hand over money to our junkie mom. A tutor is the last thing I want right now—until I get a look at her. Chelsea is not my type at all. She’s smart and totally shy. I’m pretty sure she’s even a virgin. But when she gives me the once over with those piercing blue eyes, I’m really over. But in a different way. I won’t deny her ass is killer, but it’s her brain and the way she seems to crave love—like no one’s ever given her any—that make me want her more than any girl I’ve ever met. But what would someone as seemingly together as her ever see in a screwed up guy like me?   EXCERPT: Four Years Later by Monica
Amazon Preorder: Barnes and Noble Preorder:   Created by Romance Wrangler for Monica Murphy   MonicaMurphypic-250x373ABOUT MONICA MURPHY: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Monica Murphy is a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite. A wife and mother of three, she writes New Adult and contemporary romance for Bantam and Avon. She is the author of One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend.       Links: Website: Blog: Twitter: Facebook: Author Goodreads: Amazon Author page: FOUR YEARS LATER Goodreads: