My Ratings


*          Losing the will to live.
**        Struggling.
***      It was ok.
****    It was a great read.
*****  Fantastic, An Amazing Book.

Movie Moments

Movie moments for me are when you watch a film and it gets to that one bit  when its too exciting/thrilling/scary and you either close your eyes, go for a break, shout at the screen, cry. I get like this with books. This is the rating for a book when you think WOW and cant think of nothing else.

1. Its pulled me in.
2. Wow
3.  Twitchy feet-getting ready to scream.
5. OMG, Seriously, What the hell, CANT PUT IT DOWN, Cant stop thinking about it, every     sense/emotion is pulled,  Supplies are needed-"do-not disturb" sign, lockable room, 1 day of your life lost, reading till stupid o'clock in the morning.