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Sloth By Ella James Excerpt Reveal

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Money isn’t everything, of course, but it’s a lot. If you’ve never been poor, you wouldn’t understand. When you have no means, you have no choices. Even something as simple as choosing the scented Secret deodorant at the grocery store was revolutionary for me when I first started dealing. Being able to grab a snack I want at a gas station, or buy one notebook for each of my school subjects, rather than a five-subject spiral notebook that would have to work for all my classes.
You know how they say ‘it’s the little things’? It so is. Like eating cheese. Not the boring, WIC-approved kind, but the good stuff: asiago, halloumi, havarti. When you have one pair of shoes, and it rains, guess what? They start to stink, because you have to wear them the next day, and the next day, and the next. Call me petty, but I don’t like stinky shoes.
I like crackers. Do you know how expensive a box of Cheese-Its is? Plus or minus four dollars. What about jeans? I like jeans that fit my curves in all the right ways; not the cheap ones. I like painting on canvases that don’t come from the discard pile behind Michael’s. Almost all my art from high school and my freshman year is done on ripped canvas.
I don’t want to be second-rate.
I don’t want to always be reaching.
I don’t want to be a cashier, or a gas station clerk, or a mill worker.
I’m so close to all my goals, I can’t give up now. Even if I have to spend a couple weeks at Kellan Walsh’s illicit river mansion, sticking my ass into the air for him.
It’s not as if I mind that, I remind myself. Sharing my body with him can be done without too much heartache, I think, if I can only manage to remember the limitations of our arrangement.
A strand of hair falls into my eyes, and I swipe it off my face. In doing so, I get a glimpse of Kellan, striding a half foot in front of me. He’s got my backpack slung over one muscled shoulder and my overnight bag hanging from the other. I notice, as I pull ahead to walk beside him, he’s still holding the sack.
“What’s in there?” I ask. My stomach rumbles at the sight of the grease stains on the paper bag.
He looks down at his hand, as if he’s only just remembered he’s carrying it. He gives me a small, lopsided smile—a smile that feels distracted, as if he’s only peeking out at me from wherever he is inside his head. He says, “You’ll see.”
He holds his free hand out, and I stare down at his forearm. The skin on the inside of his arm is smooth and pale, softness stretched over taut, rippling muscle. He’s so beautiful and well-hewn, he reminds me of the male gymnasts I used to watch in the Olympics.
I glance up at his eyes. They’re steely and blue, the color of the ocean. He raises his brows disapprovingly, urging me with just that look to take his hand, and me being me, I fold after only a moment.
“Skittish,” he murmurs.
“You’re skittish. Like a deer.”
With a tug of my hand, he steers me to the right, toward a wall of bookshelves stretching from floor to ceiling.
I open my mouth to tell him I’m not a deer. I’m a sloth. It’s my longstanding nick name, from back in middle school, and it’s evidenced by my favorite little necklace—now tucked safely into my bookbag—but I get the feeling he’d give me grief for it. Instead I say, “I’m not skittish. I’m suspicious.”
“Don’t be,” he says. “I’ll take care of you.”

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RELEASE DATE: February 25, 2015

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Note: Sloth is the first in my new Sinful Secrets series. Each intense, erotic story is inspired by a sin, and centered around a life-altering secret. Each "sin" stands on its own, so they don't have to be read in order. After Sloth, I'm writing Murder. Between these two, I'm releasing a stand alone: a more traditional romance called The Boy Next Door.

About the Author:
Ella James
Ella James is a USA Today bestselling romance author. Her books have appeared on numerous bestseller lists, including the Movers & Shakers list and the Amazon Top 25 overall; two were listed among Amazon's Top 100 Bestselling Young Adult Ebooks in 2012. To find out more about Ella's projects and get dates on upcoming releases, you can stalk her on the following social media sites:

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Book Blitz - Lex's Melody By Leigh Stone

Title: Lex's Melody
Series: Belfast Bound #1
Author: Leigh Stone
 Release Date: November 1, 2014


Lex's Melody is set in the Northern Ireland city of Belfast, and is the first in the ‘Belfast Bound’ series, following the stories of 5 friends and their adventures in love, romance, and BDSM.

Alex Matthews is a tall, handsome dominant. He exists on the thrill that having a woman submit to him creates. He doesn't date, he doesn't commit. He works hard as an architect by day, and demands control over his submissives in his downtime. Melody Anderson is a 26 year college student who is about to change all that.

When her best friend Jonny suggests that she try a dating website, Mel has no idea where it will lead. Alex finds her profile compelling, and on their first meeting in the oldest bar in Belfast makes the suggestion that she should submit to him. Enthralled by where this could lead, Mel agrees, and the pair find themselves bound together in submission and dominance.

Alex soon finds that with Mel, his previous vice of submission only, isn't enough, and he yearns to make their relationship more, but a dark shadow from Alex's past looms menacingly on the horizon.

Will Alex overcome his fears from the past and find a future with Mel, or will it all end in tragedy?

Contains graphic sexual scenes including those with BDSM overtones. Also contains graphic language, and therefore is not suitable for under 18's.

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Author Bio

I'm Leigh Stone, I live in Northern Ireland, just outside the capital city of Belfast, in a house I share with my teenage daughter, and our personal zoo (1 cat, 2 kittens, and 4 rabbits!).

I'm first and foremost a reader, and a fast reader at that, often devouring books in a single sitting over a period of hours. I have always had aspirations to write and become a published author, but as a teenager I was encouraged to look for a different profession, as being an author "wouldn't pay the bills."

It was that reading that lead a friend of mine to suggest that I had read so many of those books that I could probably write my own! It seemed like a good idea, and I thought that I would give it a try :) a few months later Lex's Melody was well underway, and the rest as they say is history!

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Free for a limited time - Ava Manello - The Massage

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Book Tour - Obligation By Aurora Rose Reynolds

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[ob-li-gey-shuh n]
An obligation is a course of action that someone is required to take, whether legal or moral.
At six years old, Myla was sent to a family her father and mother had chosen for her when they knew their time on earth was almost up. What they were unaware of was what they thought would be her safe haven would become her living hell.
Kai has been watching Myla from afar since he took over the family business from his father and inherited the responsibility of keeping her safe. When word gets back to Kai that Myla is not only in danger, but that his assets are being compromised, he immediately jumps into action and does the only thing that can be done at the time by marrying her.
Neither Myla nor Kai would have thought that something that started off as a farce would become the most important thing either of them could've ever done.
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My Review

I don't know how to start this book review except to say #yesyoudiditagain 


I will also give you your first warning.......


Do not read while on your break, lunch, waiting to go to work. You WILL not want to put it down.


When I had finished It I gave a huge sigh and was speechless. I just wanted to start it again. It was everything I thought it was going to be and more. It had that special something that compels you from the beginning. It enthralls you into the story that I found i wanted to chat along with them. The story is that good you actually forget you are just reading and not a part of it.

You guys know I don't do spoilers and this one isn't different. I will say I loved both Kai and Myla's characters. I think the whole story was effortless and seamless.

Aurora Rose Reynolds, you are exceptionally talented. You hold that natural ability to tell a story and make the reader forget about real life, that when you finish one of your books you actually forget where you are.

This gets 5/5 stars and 3/5 for movie moments.

Excerpt  #1
“Everyone is looking for you.”
I turn my head, pulling my hair out of my face as I watch a boy I’ve never seen before climb up the stairs and into my tree house.
“Who are you?” I ask him as he sits across from me.
“Kai,” he smiles, looking around. He looks a lot different than the other kids I know. His hair is long, and his skin is a lot darker than mine. “Why are you hiding?”
I shrug and look away from him. Daddy was yelling earlier; he was so mad that he was turning red. Then Mommy started crying, and Daddy started yelling louder. I heard Mommy telling Daddy that he had to send me away. I don’t want to go away. I try to be good, but sometimes, I forget to listen.
“Why are you crying?”
I look up at him and wipe my face. “I’m scared,” I whisper, wiping my nose.
“Come on. I’ll protect you,” he says, holding his hand out to me.
Then my mommy calls my name again. I look at his hand, move Mr. Bear under my arm, and put my hand in his.
“Myla!” Mommy yells, running towards me.
I can tell she has been crying again.
“Where did you go?” Her hands grab my shoulders and she shakes me hard.
“It’s my fault. I asked her to show me the tree house,” Kai tells her.
She stops shaking me then looks at him. “You shouldn’t have done that. You knew we were looking for her,” she says angrily her head.
“I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking,” Kai says softly, putting his hands in his pockets and looking at the ground.
I look back at Mommy, and she shakes her head before grabbing my hand and pulling me with her. When I look over my shoulder at Kai, he smiles, making me smile back.

Assumption (Underground Kings #1)
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a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof

They say when you assume that you make an ass out of you and me. Kenton Mayson learned this lesson firsthand when he made assumptions about Autumn Freeman and the kind of woman she is based on what little information he had. What he finds out is she’s not only beautiful, but also smart, funny, a fighter, and exactly the kind of woman he wants to share his life with. Autumn made assumptions of her own about Kenton, and now he needs to prove her wrong in order to protect her and their future.
obligation teaser.jpg

About the Author:

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Aurora Rose Reynolds is a navy brat who's husband served in the United States Navy. She has lived all over the country but now resides in New York City with her Husband and pet fish. She's married to an alpha male that loves her as much as the men in her books love their women. He gives her over the top inspiration everyday. In her free time she reads, writes and enjoys going to the movies with her husband and cookie. She also enjoys taking mini weekend vacations to nowhere, or spends time at home with friends and family. Last but not least she appreciates everyday and admires it's beauty.

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Blog Tour - Roman's Redemption By Kimber S. Dawn

  Roman's Redemption
Roman Book II
Kimber S. Dawn
I once told you, "Every sin I commit, every life I end, every soul I purchase, I do so to watch in gratifying amusement as it fades out. I've taken these lives with whole and complete intentions of watching my sins and transgressions affect and alter the life of others."

 I'm afraid those words no longer hold even a thread of truth.

 The man you once knew is now nothing more than a ghost.

 The blood staining my hands is no longer a consequence of my amusement. I have become pure evil. The blood you see is the result of my visceral need to hinder the torment and desolation left in my wife's wake.

 If you are foolish enough to believe all men are worthy of redemption, even those of us born evil, take my hand and allow me to show you what I believe about Redemption. For this is, after all Roman's Redemption.

  I will start by saying this book is  not for the week or faint hearted or anyone who has triggers to abuse. 

I was gifted this book by the author 

For anyone who has read a Kimber S Dawn book you know what to expect. They are so dark and twisted, its easy to think you wont find the light again, you feel like you finish the book and blink at how it light it really is around you. You wont know which way is up. 

This book will challenge you on SO many levels. It's the kind of like watching a horror film. You know its going to scare you senseless, but you keep watching anyway. You think you will be able to watch through your fingers, but find yourself wide eyed, mouth open. It's compulsion at it's best. Once you are in Roman's tangled web, there is no getting out till the web breaks. 

I think I was sat on the edge of my seat plenty of times, and quite a few times i had to put it down because it was like the part in a film where you have to either pause, stop go out the room telling yourself you cant watch any more, but finding yourself watching from the doorway. 

I loved the whole thing. The whole THING. There was plenty of no, wtf, no, seriously, omg no moments. 

I thought it was amazing. It was completely enthralling. It's shocking. It's Brilliance in it's entirety.  

This gets 5/5 stars and 5/5 for movie moments 

I was born and raised in Louisiana… and No, I do NOT live in a bayou, I actually see the beaches on the gulf coast more than I see a bayou, lol. I started writing poems and short stories very early in my life. You know, for the Michael’s and Leo’s and Nick’s in my life. I've been a book hoarder since I was eleven years old, but then a couple years ago something wonderful happened! The 50 Shades of Grey craze brought to life my inner smut whore and I commenced to read anything and everything smut affiliated. When reading wasn't enough anymore and I noticed that so many of the authors of my favorite indie authors and their books weren't getting the exposure their work deserved, I turned it into a mission, starting my own blog, buying their books and reading them one by one. I then wrote my reviews for my blog and didn't hold back in writing them (Hell yeah those motherfuckers are profanity laden). I've never done a single thing in my life halfway. I always go all in. After the success of my Blog, and the insistence of one of my bestest friends, my sister from another mister, Trina Taylor of Bad & Dirty Books, I was ready to finally take the plunge and see if I could write a book that was worth a damn. I'm a Southern girl to my core, a self-proclaimed smut whore, and I keep hearing that I’m an author, but honestly… I don’t believe the rumors, lol. I don’t feel like a kickass bitch spittin’ out lyrics, or stories, like a motherfuckin’ rockstar.
Tattooed across my ribs are the words I have always lived by: 'Aut viam inveniam aut faciam tibi.' Latin for: If I cannot find a way, I will make my own.
Kimber's links:
Deserves more than 5 stars!!!!
Wow yet again Kimber has done it again with Roman's Redemption,
I didn't think anything could top Roman but I was wrong, truly amazing, Kimber has a gift at telling dark, twisted and gritty reads, I was hooked from the first page.
One thing i am absolutely sure of i hated Seb all through the book, I had different thoughts on Roman, one minute i hated him the next minute I loved him and truly felt for him, one thing that did stay constant with me was i loved Heather, Mac, Mace she was kick ass.
Not for people who don't read dark books as it isn't for the faint hearted but i will say you really don't know what you are missing if you don't read this book!!!! ~Gemma
Wow wow wow. This was just as good as the first book, another amazing job. Kimber Dawn definitely has away of sucking you in!! I can't say it enough both of these books are absolutely amazing! Dark as hell but what a great read. I couldn't put it down. I stayed up all night just to see
what was happening next. If you like dark and I do mean really dark this one was fantastic. ~Nina
Kimber is sick and twisted and I love her mind, but I hate it just as much.
Never in my life have I hated 2 word more. The dislike I have for 6 little letters, THE END, is monumental. Normally, I'd want to ask why, but I realize your sick and twisted mind wouldn't tell me. In the end, I have to admit, I love the evil that is Roman William Payne even more now than when I first met him. For the life of me I have no idea why.
This book is dark, so if you want or prefer sweet, don't attempt this. You'll want to run for the hill and pray to God to clean your mind just for looking this way. But if you enjoy the company of the little devil that's parked on everyone of our shoulders, if you like the dark side of the tracks then by all means, go meet Roman.
Kimber is like the Rob Zombie of the book world. That's how I see her. Dark, twisted, and messed the hell up. I'm totally girl crushing on her yet again.
Woman, you rock! ~ Nancy