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Blood Ties By Gina Whitney


College senior Grace is half witch, half mortal, and one of the most powerful supernatural beings in existence. Problem is she doesn’t know any of this yet.

But she’s about to find out—and fast. Her powers are awakening, and Grace is in danger as her transformation reignites an ages-old war between her clan and an evil rival witch faction that will stop at nothing to see Grace dead so their leader, the vicious, ruthless Catherine, can harness Grace’s incredible powers for her own dark purposes.

It’s up to Grace’s immortal Aunt Evelyn and her best friend Julie—a shape shifter from a long line of Native American mystics—to defend her. She also has James on her side, a witch from the Bolingbroke clan that has vowed since Grace’s birth to keep her safe. From the moment they meet, the two share a fierce supernatural attraction—a white-hot heat that neither can resist. Will their undying love protect her or put her in greater danger? Only time will tell, and time for Grace is running out.

My Review

Debut Book
I was so honoured to receive this book from Gina for an honest review.
This is not my usual kind of read, but I'm so glad I read it. 

Grace is at collage with her best friend Julie, who shes known forever. Grace enters in to therapy when she starts experiencing chest pains, hyperventilation and a rapid heartbeat. She thinks her body is preparing itself for some kind of jeopardy. Grace thinks this is just a part of her nervous personality until her hallucinations begin, when she thinks things start moving on there own.

When a girl in Graces collage is murdered and Grace has dreamt about it, things start happening pretty quick. Grace is taken to her Aunt Evelyn, where she learns about the truth behind who she really is. This is where she meets the Bollingbroke clan and James. Grace and James are ment to be together and try to fight off there attraction to each other.

I love the characters in this book, Grace seems like a normal person, I laughed at her in parts, I loved James, loved the relationship between him and Grace. I also liked Adrian in a way and felt a bit sorry for him and Addison. Catherine got right on my nerves. I thought the pace and flow of this book was just right, I found myself wanting to get to the next page quicker than I could. I loved everything about this book. I loved this wasnt so heavy on the romance, and that in parts i couldnt bring myself to look away. I loved that they had wands and spells. I loved everything about this book and cant wait for the next one.

I think Gina has made an outstanding debut book, and think she will go far in her career as a writer.

I would give this book 5/5.

Author Interview

Profile photo

Tell us about you?
I consider myself a multifaceted person. I’m still learning about myself everyday. I’m a very emotional person (usually hidden from others). I tend to keep everything on the inside. This makes for great writing. I am a practical joker or just a joker by nature. Laughing is important to me. I enjoy joking around. There are serious sides to me as well. I take motherhood very seriously. It’s my job first and foremost. Though, adventure is my middle name. This often goes hand in hand with danger. I’m fearless, and for the most part put it all out there. Loyal, you will never meet a more loyal friend.

What job did you do before you started writing?
I was and still am a full time mom. Raising my children is one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs ever. I wouldn’t change that choice for the world. 

Tell us what your inspiration was behind writing your first book?
I was inspired to write Blood Ties for all the single/divorced mother’s out there who work double time doing both jobs. There it is pure and simple! Also, to teach my son’s that anything is possible even in the face of the impossible. BAM in your face!:) 

Who is your favorite character and why?
 My favorite character in Blood Ties is hands down Addison. She super sexy, funny and snarky beyond belief. She was so much fun to write for. But, truthfully all the characters are fragments of me.
Do you have a “thing” you do to get you into the zone when writing?
Yes, I feel I can better get into my zone with listening to Alternative music. That particular genre speaks to my soul. It opens me up, stirs my emotions and allows my creativity to pour out of me. 30 seconds to Mars is my band for sure. 

What are you working on next?
I am working on angst filled dark edgy emotionally filled novel about a sexually abused girl who meets a devastatingly handsome uber male who is also the product of childhood abuse. We will get a taste of how there relationship works or doesn’t work. I plan to leave my readers with their hearts slamming against their ribcage and wrung-out on the floor…the title will be (I think) My beautiful addiction.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?
I hope to have a few more novels under my belt. I plan to stir up some commotion in the literary world of romance and paranormal. I will continue to challenge myself everyday. I also look forward to watching my 2 son’s become the men I raised them to be.
What is your favorite book as a child?
Honestly? It was hands down Thumbelina. In fact, I prayed hard every night to be her.

What are you reading now?
I’m reading “Beauty From Surrender” by Georgia Cates.

Fun Questions
Favourite colour?
My favorite color is Cerulean Blue. It’s so tranquil and comforts me.
Favourite TV show?
Well, I have quite a few. True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Borgias, Games of Thrones, Originals, and Homeland.
Favourite paranormal creature?
Werewolves do it for me:)
What is your pet hate?
What I hate the most are passive aggressive people. I’m a mean what you say and say what you mean type of women. I don’t dance for anyone! 

Most embarrassing moment?
Hmm, there’s been so many it’s hard to choose. I guess it had to be the time I stepped in dog crap while on a date, and proceeded to smear it (unknowingly) all over his car. I was nervous so I had my feet on the dashboard (trying to be cool), on my seat, to the side of my seat against to passenger door. We were suddenly gagging from the awful stench. To our surprise it was me. Needless to say, I wanted to die! Or maybe it’s the time I was kicked out of funeral services because I couldn’t stop laughing? I laugh when I get nervous. As you can imagine it was inappropriate and disrespectful. But, the priest was a foreigner and I couldn’t understand a word he said. Why I found this to be on the floor funny is beyond me. It’s just one of those times you just had to be there.

Favourite food?
My favourite food is Steak. I love a good steak. No matter where I am if it’s on the menu I can’t resist.

Thank you Gina for an awesome interview.

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