Saturday, 27 July 2013

Park and Violet by Marian Tee

On her first year studying abroad, beautiful and vivacious 18-year-old Violet York is on a mission to forget her past. Once, she loved being the Queen of Flirts, loved playing hard-to-get and, eventually, getting caught. Now, she can’t get enough distance between her and all the boys in the world. Well, all the boys except for Park Jin.

Park is like no guy she’s ever met. He’s a 20-year-old Nordic god with a strange accent, or at least that’s one of Violet’s better descriptions of him. Most times, when they’re, literally, fighting like cats and dogs, she prefers to think of him as the blond gorilla, he’s a foul-mouthed jerk who calls her a banshee, a midget, and every other ugly nickname that comes to his nasty mind, goes out of his way to be rude to Violet, and, best of all, he hates girls.

Both Park and Violet carry scars in their hearts, scars that they’re desperate to hide. In each other, they find the unlikeliest allies, a way to keep themselves apart from everyone else and, more importantly, from ever falling in love again.

Yet when they’re not on each other’s throats Park and Violet can’t help succumbing to the intense chemistry between them. As kisses outnumber hisses, there’s a question that’s getting harder and harder for the two to ignore.

Is it time to risk their hearts again?

My Review

I loved this book. I loved that it was set in Japan.

Park is a 20 year old Nordic God, who is adopted into a wealthy Japanese family. He meets Violet an American student who has literary just landed and cant find her apartment, so knocks or bangs hard on Parks door to ask for help. At first they trade insults to each other, but he goes along with what she wants because she doesn't want anything more from him.... or does she. When Violets ex boyfriend shows up unexpected things change.

I loved everything about this book. I like the interaction between Park and Violet from the beginning they make me laugh, then when things change between them its a natural progression. I LOVED the fact this was set in Japan, the way Marian describes the place and people make you see what she is telling in the story. I couldn't put this down  and the only thing I didn't like was it had finished.

Thanks Marian another fantastic book

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