Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Quintal's Return by Nadine Christain

Cover Reveal

Quintals Return by Nadine Christian

Ok guys, I am so excited to announce this is the second book written by Nadine. It's due out for release 1st August. Check back here for the links on were to buy the book and for my review.


Hotelier Kate Quintal and her sister Jen are hired to run a new luxury hotel on Pitcairn Island. 
Anticipating only the hard work that running the new facility would entail, a burgeoning romance with the burly and handsome Bryce Brown is the last thing she expected. With a new love and the success of the island’s new tourism endeavor, life seems sweet. 
So why are things suddenly falling apart? Who is trying to sabotage the hotel, and why? Kate finds herself fighting, not only for her job, or her heart…but her life.

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