Thursday, 26 September 2013

Morning star by Jason graves


Vampires are real, as Marissa is delighted to discover, until she finds that drinking blood isn't all it's cracked up to be. And so it goes… Madeline uncovers new mysteries and makes new friends, while Marissa makes a mess of her life and doesn't stop to wonder what's going wrong.

In the Morgensterns’ world, Marlena appears to have recovered from her madness, but Madeline is skeptical. Wilhelm’s seeming need to manage every crisis is increasingly tested by Marissa's antics and difficulties, a trusted friend's spectacular act of betrayal, and the return of Corelis. And, to make matters worse, in the shadows, a darker foe is watching… and waiting.

The twins want to be normal teenagers, but strange events and people of indeterminable intent increasingly hem in their reality. And while Madeline and Marissa wonder if they can just live normal lives, the better question is: can they even survive the lives they're living?

My Review

You know when you read a Jason graves book, your going to lose hours you'll never get back, in a good way.  So this is the first warning with this book. Ok guys , the supplies need to come out, do not disturb sign, lockable room, comfy place to sit, and most importantly ear plugs. Settle in guys this is going to be good.

For those of us who discovered the amazing talent of Jason Graves with his first book, Blood roses, I have been eagerly awaiting the sequel Morning stars. And boy this didn't disappoint. I have read this at every opportunity, tea breaks, cooking tea, during lunch break, in the car(not while driving) I couldn't put it down. I have consumed this book in one sitting. 

This book starts were it left of in Blood Roses. I loved everything about this. I love all the characters, there is not one thing about this book I didn't like, sorry I did, I didn't like that it finished...... I screamed during this book at a certain part. Jason seriously, I was like no you've got to be kidding me. 

Ok guys for those who follow my reviews, this is a bit different to the reviews I normally do. Telling a bit about the story then saying why I liked it. You guys know I don't do spoilers, I hate reading spoilers for a book I'm desperate to read. I literally can't say anything about this without fear of giving away the slightest thing. So this is what I am going to say. 

All the characters from Blood Roses are in this and a few new ones. That's it. That's all I can tell you. Except YOU NEED TO READ THIS NOW. 

Jason you are truly blessed with a fantastic gift in the way you tell your stories. I love the style of the writing, the science and history in the book, I believed everything about this book. 

Jason thank you for another compelling and enthralling  book. 

This one gets 5/5 stars and 5/5 for movie moments. 

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