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Quintals Return By Nadine Christian


Hotelier Kate Quintal and her sister Jen are hired to run a new luxury hotel on Pitcairn Island. Anticipating only the hard work that running the new facility would entail, a burgeoning romance with the burly and handsome Bryce Brown is the last thing she expected. With a new love and the success of the island’s new tourism endeavour, life seems sweet.

So, why are things suddenly falling apart? Who is trying to sabotage the hotel, and why? Kate finds herself fighting, not only for her job, or her heart…but her life.

My Review

Kate and Jen lived all their lives in New Zealand, her parents are from Pitcairn. They have both worked  in the hotel industry. So when they both get accepted for a new hotel that's opening on Pitcairn its a new start for both girls.

The whole island has come together helping from building to finishes. Some aren't happy the girls have turned up to take over jobs that should be for the islanders. The girls are met by longboat, and when Kate nearly falls in the sea she meets Bryce the Captain of the boat, he's not happy and lets her know. Once they get to shore Kate and Bryce cant stop staring at each other. Its instant attraction.

Once the girls get on the island and get settled into making the hotel ready for the up coming guests who are either going to make or break the hotel and the lives of the people of Pitcairn.  Bryce takes the girls to the home of what used to be their parents. And what a state its in, but again the islanders come together and help get it habitable.

When the hotel opens its going really well until things start going terribly wrong. Can Kate get everything back to normal before the whole island is affected.

I loved this book. Nadine paints a picture of the island that makes you want to go and visit. This sounds like the type of place you can go to and get total peace and quiet. Some where people know your business but would give you their last anything and come together in times of need. You can almost picture you being there.

I loved Kate and Jen. And Bryce. Girls brace yourselves their is a new hot book boyfriend on the block. As I said Nadine paints a picture you would be happy looking at and Bryce is one of those pictures you'd be happy looking at.

This book kept me hooked I was enthralled. I couldn't  put it down till I finished. I oohed and arhhed  and OMG all the way through. if this had been a film I would of been watching through my fingers.

Girls this is another one for the "TBR" list.

I give this 5/5 Stars and 3/5 for movie moments.

Nadine was kind enough to answer a few questions I had about the book

Where did you get the idea for this book?
The idea for the book is really a dream for the island. We've no hotel or airport here -- so the only way on or off the island is by supply ship or chancing a long yacht trip.   Any visitors that come to the island are housed via homestay, so we all know how to look after guests -- I just wondered what it would be like to have a big formal place for them to stay, and a better way to travel! *grin*

Who was your favourite character?.  I loved Kate 
Kate and Jen were fun to write. Jen the most. She's such a foolio. The third book of the season -- Quintal's Quandary centers on her and I had so much fun finishing her story!

What was your favourite scene to write?
Aha! The scene with Celia, Kate and Bryce.  I love bringing up the tension and getting nasty! LOL

Are we going to read about Felix and Jen?
I think I said too much already...Mwahahahahahaha!

Whats next?
Coming in November is the second in the series -- Home Again, Home Again. 
Home for Tina means family, Pitcairn Island and a job as an aircraft engineer. She's not looking for love so when pilot Blane Solis sweeps her off her feet, she is soon flying into the heady slipstream of romance...but, is he the one for her?
Tina's childhood sweetheart Connor Brown doesn't thing so. What dark secret is Blane hiding, and why is he hell bent on ensuring Tina doesn't find out? And can Tina ever forgive Connor for what he did so many years ago?
One heart. Two men. A shattered past and an unsure future...with love on the line.
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About the Author
Nadine Christian lives on Pitcairn Island, a small isle in the middle of the South Pacific, with her husband, five children, four goats, two cats and thirty chickens. With its rich maritime history, Pitcairn’s romantic past comes alive in her novels, capturing the taste of life on an isolated tropical island, miles from the rush and bustle of normal city life.

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