Sunday, 29 June 2014

Time away

I am sure you have all noticed a decline in tours and post on here recently. So I thought I would let you know why. 

Over the last 2 years I have suffered with  various health issues from a bowel cancer scare last January, to most recently in the last few weeks lots of hospital visits and test to find out if I have suffered from a mini stroke or if it was MS. Thankfully it was neither. All of my symptoms are due to my anxiety attacks I have been suffering with for the last few months. 

Anxiety is a horrible experience with symptoms you wouldn't even  think off. But I am taking it as my bodies way of saying I need to take time out. So I am going to be doing just that. I am planning to take a month or two to get back to normal. 

However, I love blogging and love reading, but at the moment the anxiety is taking  away my joy of reading, it will take some special books to get me out of my funk. I still have a few books I said I would review, so you will see those. I am going to be looking at what tours are available and picking a few, just not as many as I was doing. Until I feel better. 

So I am going to be spending my time spending time with my children and family. Maybe doing some painting in the house. Looking through al my reviews I have done and check I have posted them all on the sites the authors wanted. But mostly Just chilling out. 

Feel free to keep in touch I will still be checking in on my email every day. 

See you all Soon. 

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