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A Shade of Blood by Bella Forrest (Book 2)

Having been delighted by the Christmas best-selling debut, A Shade Of Vampire, readers are begging for more.

In A Shade Of Blood, Bella Forrest transports you deeper into a unique, enthralling and beautifully sensitive story.
Prepare to be lost in its pages…

When Sofia Claremont was kidnapped to a sunless island, uncharted by any map and ruled by the most powerful vampire coven on the planet, she believed she’d forever be a captive of its dark ruler, Derek Novak.

Now, after months of surviving an endless night, the morning sun may soon rise again for Sofia. Something has possessed Derek’s heart and he offers her a gift no human slave has ever been given in the history of his cursed island: escape.

High school, prom and a chance to move on with her life now await her.

But will she be able to forget the horrors that steal her sleep away at night? … and the feelings that haunt her for that tormented prince of darkness?

My review - Contains mild Spoilers
OMG that was amazing. The danger of a second book is the story has been dragged out and the whole thing could of made one book, its not as good as the first one. This is not the case with this one. It has been glued in my hands all day, I've not been able to put it down. It was compelling from start to finish. Not at any point did it feel like it was rushed or it was dragging on.

It started were the first book left of with Sofia having left Derek(why I don't know cos the mans a hottie)and her reaction to having left the shade and trying to be Normal and trying to deny her true feelings toward Derek. She tries to have a relationship with Ben, who starts to get on my nerves slightly although I get why he's like that. I love Vivienne and hope she makes it out. I was so excited that Sofia went back the shade and the progression of hers and Derek's relationship.

I cant believe that Ben did go off to the hunters and OMG Aiden Claremont really - that was a shocker didn't see that coming, I'm just wondering were uncle Lyle fits in with all this if any.

The whole pace of the book is natural and right, the story fits in all the right places. I cant wait to see what the Maslens are about, and OMG seriously Sofia's mum- NEVER expected that....

I loved this book from start to finish( no its not finished just this book.) I am so glad there's a book 3 because I think you wouldn't of been able to fit everything in to two books.

There are so many movie moments( the bit in a film were the suspense gets too much and you either have to pause and go for a walk or turn it off and come back to it)this book had plenty of those only I couldn't walk away.

What I don't like about this book is ... that I now have to wait for the next book ... seriously how longs that going to take. Patience isn't my virtue.

This book gets 5/5 Stars and 5/5 for movie moments.

About the Author
I guess my life as a writer started when I was five; I'd sit under the kitchen table with my box of multi-coloured wax crayons (I miss those) and create picture books. Creative writing was always my favourite subject and I used any free time I had to sit down with a notepad. Not much has changed, except that now I have developed vampirish habits: my writing "day" typically starts at 1am.

I'm an avid reader, a big fan of cookie ice cream and I'm often travelling. When working I have to disconnect the internet for fear of being endlessly distracted by websites such as . Oh, and unlike the beautiful girl on my cover, I'm camera-shy...

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