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Blood Roses by Jason T Graves

Ok guys I know I have posted this review before but im reposting it. I actually met Jason and his lovely wife yesterday- what an amazing couple. If there is a Vampire book you need to read its this one. The second one in the series is due to be published around September so if you check back I will be posting a review on Morning Stars( I CANT wait to read) with the release date and purchase links

Vampires aren’t real… right? If they were, Madeline and Marissa Owen would certainly be suspects: bone-white and night-loving—with a proclivity for super-rare steaks—the identical twins are poster-girls for the undead.

As if looking like teen-aged vampires didn’t cause enough drama, trouble erupts into their lives following a disastrous street fight and a brush with the law by Madeline's sister. The girls are forced to move from the diverse city of Austin, Texas to the quaint township of Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania—a move clearly designed to bore the aggressive, MMA-fighter Marissa into an early grave.
However, their new lives prove to be anything but boring, as a series of shocking upheavals, unearthed lies, and outright dangers keep them thinking... and running for their lives. Ancient books, coded manuscripts, and evil enemies emerge, challenging the unique skills and inner-strengths of the girls—but can even all of this chaos prepare them for the arrival of real vampires?

Facing threats from multiple quarters, the girls must rely on each other to keep ahead of the rising storm … or be swept away by it

My review
This book had me from the synopsis, I was very intrigued my first thought was oh well Marissa and Madeline are definitely vampires. But as soon as I started the book I thought I was wrong in thinking it. It was not overly obvious that they were, it had me guessing about everyone right the way through, even Cas had me guessing.

We meet Madeline and Marissa on a road trip to their new home after Marissa gets into a fight in which she is injured. Her family moves far away after her dad takes another job for Wilhelm.  Once they get to their new home they are invited over for dinner by Wilhelm. While they are there Wilhelm gives the girls two books!!!! That's when things happen. I really, really don't want to say any more about this book for fear of spoiling any part of it. The only thing I will say is this GO AND BUY IT. It is amazing. So different to any Vampire books I have read before. I love the science side of it. It kept me guessing the whole way through.

I loved everything about this book the pace, the flow. I loved the snippets of explanations to the past, all the information from the girls reading the book. I loved all the Characters M and M, Maelcom- I loved him, Adrian, Saturnus. I was not sure about Marlena- the jury is still out on that one. I loved the cover. This is the second book Jason has written.

The only thing im going to say about this book is READ IT- IT WONT DISAPPOINT. I cant wait to read morning star.

I am giving this 5/5 stars and 3/5 movie moments.

About the Author

I write stories about people you'd like to know.
Jason T. Graves lives in North Carolina with his family and a menagerie of small, domestic animals. He takes his coffee black, and, when he is not conducting mysterious, mad-scientist experiments with his students, he writes mysterious and beautiful fiction.  
"I do have a background in science, but I got jaded by the whole Mad Scientist lifestyle, so I switched to writing about Mad Scientists -- the hours are better and the pitchfork wielding villagers now leave me alone.  I also write about teen vampires, sexy robots, time-talking geniuses, and half-fey social misfits."

You can find Jason on his Website 


Watch out for future release dates here, The next book due out is Morning Star.

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