Saturday, 15 June 2013

Dark Child Book 2 by Adina West


Kat doesn’t want to question her luck too closely when she lands a fabulous Manhattan apartment only blocks from her new job, even if cab drivers do have a funny habit of driving right past her antiquated apartment building without seeing it.

But the quiet building hides a deadly secret, and when Kat meets Char from down the hall, she’s drawn into a hidden world where humans aren’t welcome, populated by beings as dangerous as they are beautiful. Soon Kat’s neck-deep in trouble and on the run, and discovering the truth about her own unique heritage might just make things worse.

My Review

I received this book for an honest review.

So in this book we meet Kat who has recenlty moved to New York to start a new job. We meet her as she is house hunting, after finding nothing she notices in the window a ornate frame with strange writing on that she can understand. After speak to the girl in the office she move into her apartment, but doesnt see anyone around, even the balconys dont look like anyone lives there.

I jumped straight into this book after reading the first one. I was interested to see who the characters from the first book were and what Kat would face next. The character I was curious about Ionescu, the wolf, the new job, we dont hear anything of them in this book.

In this book its mainly about Kats new flat, the one person she meets who lives there Char, Dom the man she meets in the club, Kat notices things are a bit strange with char and the people who are at the club. It keeps you guessing as to what is going to happen next, so again the flow is a bit slow in parts but still keeps you guessing.

Straight on to book 3.

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