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Remembering Love By Nadine Christian


When her beloved foster parents pass away, Holly discovers a past both shocking and heartbreaking: the murder/suicide of her biological parents on the South Pacific island of Pitcairn, famous for the HMAV Bounty mutineers. Travelling to a home she does not remember, Holly reconnects with long-lost childhood friend Jack. An old friendship quickly becomes more…until a dark secret is uncovered.

Will joyous love remembered become heartbreak? Can she find out the truth before someone else is hurt?

My Review

Debut Book

I know i keep saying this about debut author, but i think the danger of a first book is a risky one. Is the writing ok, the pace, the story, will people like it? I really don't think Nadine Christian has anything to worry about because I think this book is going to be a hit.

We meet Holly after her Foster parents die. And she is sorting through their things in the attic. Holly finds a box with all stuff in about her and her parents. She discovers the awful truth about how she ended up on her own.

Holly then finds herelf on the island of Pitcairn, where she meets Jack a childhood friend. Holly does not remember Jack or the island of Pitcairn, but her and Jack have an instant attraction. Holly meets some very interesting people on Pitcairn, were the population is about 60 people so everyone knows everyone and the secrets behind Hollys parents.

I loved this story. I loved how Holly's and Jacks characters were toward each other, and how Jack tried to get Holly to remember him. I liked all of the characters except Masie, who i think we all know someone like this in our own lives.

I would reccomend this book to anyone to read its a great story.
I would give this 4/5 stars.

About the Author

Nadine Christian lives on Pitcairn Island, a small isle in the middle of the South Pacific, with her husband, five children, four goats, two cats and thirty chickens. With its rich maritime history, Pitcairn’s romantic past comes alive in her novels, capturing the taste of life on an isolated tropical island, miles from the rush and bustle of normal city life.

Author Interview

I want to thank you Nadine for letting me read such a fantastic story, and taking me to your island through your book, and taking part in my Author interview.

What did you do before you wrote your first book?
Mothering took up all my time. I've got five kids, all two years apart. Obviously it's still an ongoing thing, but now they're past the baby stage it's much easier to juggle time to write and kid wrangle!
What was your inspiration behind writing your book?
My island. Pitcairn is the most isolated -- or one of them -- islands in the world. In pristine waters and pollution free land, it's a great setting for my novels.
Are any of the characters based on anyone you know?
No... but I draw from the culture of Pitcairn, using their customs, language and everyday things that they do to cope with life, whilst living in the middle of nowhere!
Who is your favourite character and why?
Masie. She's so horrible, and she was so much fun to write.
Which character do you dislike the most?
I don't really have a character I dislike. I've had one do something surprising to me though. I was planning on this character to do something and a plotline for him to follow. All of a sudden he said something and I went "Oh"... story was never the same... Good though. Just exciting to have to change what I was doing to accomodate this one character! LOL
Are you like any of your characters?
I'd love to be as strong as some of my female characters -- and be able to remember some of the smart comeback lines they use.
Tell us about Pitcairn island.
Pitcairn Island is a British Oversea's Territory situated in the South Pacific. Home to the mutineers of the HMAV Bounty, we're all descended in some way from those men. Christian, Young, McCoy, Quintal... they are all names you can hear on island. With a population of about 60, we're a very small community, and have no airport or shipping terminal. The only way on or off the island is by a large longboat. Supplies come every three months, so you have to order in advance and in quantity! I wouldnt live anywhere else...beautiful seas, land and people!
Which is your favourite time of year and why?
Midway between Summer and Winter. It's either hot or not so hot here... so the cooler months are great.
Every book has a message in side, What is the one thing you want your readers to take from your book?
Not to let anyone take you down -- mentally or physically. Be strong. No matter what -- you are a precious being and treat yourself as such!
What was your favourite book as a child?
Enid Blyton! The Famous Five stories were my favourite!
Who was your favourite author?
Now? Nora Roberts, anything with a bit 'o' lovin'! Mystery, horror.... you name it, I'll read it!
What book are you reading at the moment?
Tisha. An teacher goes to the Yukon to teach and finds love. Brilliant novel.
What's next ?
I have two more novels due out. In August I have Quintal's Return, and November, Home Again, Home Again!
Are you up for fun questions?
Favourite colour?
 Blue -- actually, blue/purple. The colour of the ocean some days here is just an amazing mix of these hues!
Favourite tv show?
I have the full set of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S show... loved it. It's something you can watch over and over.
Whose your best friend?
Heather Menzies. She's such a support and great person to have around....
Reading or writing?
Both!!! I love to read, and love to write!
What is your pet hate?
That person who forgets to change the toilet roll and you don't notice there is none until you go to use it! Argh!
What do you love most in the world?
My kids.
Tell us something we don't know?
I also write Young Adult novels!

You can visit Nadine at her website
                                   on twitter @pitcairngirl


  1. Can't wait to read! I'm so fascinated by Pitcairn and imagine it will be a marvelous setting for this novel.

  2. Carol, you will enjoy this book and any book by Nadine Christian. I love her writing and the way she describes her island.