Monday, 5 August 2013

Gone Wild by Ever McCormick


Just before college graduation, Ina--star of her senior class--made a mistake that went viral. Then, when life seemed like it couldn’t get any worse, she walked in on her boyfriend cheating with her roommate. To get away, Ina ventures to a cabin on a remote mountain, intent on some solitary time.

She doesn’t count on Adam -- the man who watches over the cabins -- being so distractingly sexy. Adam came to the mountain to get distance from anything that could cause him pain, and Ina stirs feelings in him he thought he’d left behind.

As Adam and Ina open up about their pasts, the mountain seems like the perfect setting for a second chance at love.

Until they realize they’re not alone.

My Review

The story starts with Ina who is driving to a cabin in the middle of a mountain with nothing around but the view. She's there to discover herself after walking in on her long term boyfriend in the middle of committing the ultimate act of betrayal by sleeping with her room mate. Ina's mum wants her to take him back and is doing her best to state his case. Ina tells her mum she needs time and is booked into the cabin for a month.

We also meet Adam, who at first Ina is a bit afraid of. He's tall, dark, handsome with a beard and a bit of attitude. What's Adam's story? Why is he at a young age hiding away in the mountains. Adam hates car's and noises of any kind preferring the sounds of nature, he's standoff-ish with Ina at first. But after a while takes Ina along the trails of the mountain after she becomes a bit clumsy.
 They hear on the local radio about an escaped convict from a prison not so far away. For days Ina thinks she can feel someone watching her and believes it's Adam right?

Ok guys you know I don't do spoilers so that's as much as I can tell you.

What I will say is I read this book in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. Once I started to read this it grabbed my attention and never let go until I had finished. This book need to be on your To Be Read pile.

I loved everything about this book. The characters were believable, as were the relationships and the things they had to overcome. The pace and plot was just right. At times I felt like shaking Ina, I felt like covering my eyes in other places.  I loved Ina and Adam relationship.

I would give  this book 5/5 and 2/5 for movie moments.


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