Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Life.Family.Magic by Cassandra Webb

Ok so one of the books I have reviewed over the weekend is different from what I have read in the past. Its called Life. Family. Magic by Cassandra Webb.

Its about a girl called Kemla who lives in the forest with her mum and siblings. Her mum has magic and has hidden their house with a spell to stop anyone finding them-mainly Slave Traders. I never thought I would enjoy this book for two reasons,
 1 It contains kids  - I don't read about kids if its about them getting hurt in any form as it upsets me too much.
 2 Slave Traders- just the concept of this word makes me not want to read it.

So I am going back to my mantra- Don't Judge a book by its Cover or Blurb.

I enjoyed this book I loved Leon, he's a mage who works with the slave traders but is on Kemla's side he looks out for her. I liked Kemla and her feistiness even when the traders have been horrible to her she's still feisty. Kemla is being taken to be sold but on the way manages to get away. That's about as much as I can tell you without giving it away. It held my attention all the way through, there wasn't any part of it that made me lose interest.

What else is different about this story, Is that's its written online and a new chapter posted every week. The first book is finished and you can download for free from Cassandras website.

Here is the link     http://lifefamilymagic.wordpress.com/life/life-2/

Author Interview

Tell us about yourself?
I'm a chocolate addict from a small coastal town called Narooma, in Australia. My favorite guilty reading pleasure is a great big bowl of chocolate mouse smothered in whipped cream and topped with that chocolate ice cream topping that sets hard. Mmmm, yum. You know what I'm talking about, right??
During the day I am a pretty common breed of mum, cleaner, cook, etc. At night I sneak into what my daughter calls my 'dungeon' (the little cupboard under the stairs that I have converted into the smallest office ever) to write.
Besides writing do you have a day job?
I am very passionate about getting out into the community and being involved in life. So, whilst I don't work, I do volunteer, help out at my daughters school and at her scout group and whatever else I can get involved in.
What gave you the idea for your website posting a chapter a week rather then publishing?
Kemla is one of those characters that got into my brain and just wouldn't get out. I had to write down her story just so she would let me sleep at night. I'm a big fan of Mary Robinette Kowal (here blog is here: http://www.maryrobinettekowal.com/) who posted some of her short fiction online and actually got award nominations before she was published! Amazing.
Because of my small community and also a small publishing community in Australia I found that Kemla's story just didn't fit the market at the time. I did talk to agents and publishers, who offered me fantastic advice. But Kemla's story simply didn't fit their book lists.
So what were my options? I didn't have the capital to self publish or the time to play saleswomen and I simply couldn't bring myself to box up the manuscript never to be seen again.
I was already blogging regularly and I knew my way around wordpress, so I thought 'why not?' To date we've almost hit the 2000 unique visitors mark (yay) and we are just heading up to chapter 40! There are at least another 2 books bouncing around in my head so I don't think I'm going to stop anytime soon.
Have you got a favourite character? why?
I think I am in love with Leon! And I really wish Orin was more of an ass so I could encourage Kemla to go and find Leon!!! But I can't. This really is Kemla's story, and she's going to make her own choices.
I also have to say Wilf is a spunk and he's still single!
Who are you most like?
I think I was a lot like Kemla when I was a teenager. I really did get myself into trouble and have to suffer the consequences and try to figure a way out of it. If I could have talked magically with my horse I would have been over the moon.
Do you have a thing you do to get you into the zone while writing?
If I'm stuck for an idea or motivation I re-read over what I wrote last. Every now and then I'll re-read the whole lot from beginning to end. I love listening to music while I write, certain bands remind me of certain characters. But for Kemla the movie 'A Nights Tale' with Heath Ledger is very often playing in the background. I love that movie.
What can we expect next?
My current project is a ya fantasy set in a similar medieval world to Kemla's. It follows a fifteen year old girl, with some very strange magical abilities, as she tries to save her new friends from a king hell-bent on destroying all magic. I'm hoping to start talks with publishers in a few months, wish me luck.
What are you reading at the moment?
I'm currently reading 'Wild Girl' by Kate Forsyth. It's an amazing historical fiction about the real brothers Grimm and how they come to collect their fairy tales.
Did you read as a child? what was your favourite book?
I simply devoured the fantasy books by Tamora Pierce. Loved them. My favorite being 'Wild Magic'. I still own the copies I bought almost fifteen years ago and I still read them.
Fun Questions
Favourite colour?
Favourite TV show?
Right now, The Dome. But my all time favorite is NCIS.
Favourite Paranormal creature or normal?
Who doesn't love a dragon? I also love Wolves. I have two tattoos of wolves, and one of my daughters name.
Do you have a pet hate?
Mess! I share a house with my sister... need I say anymore? 
Most embarrassing moment?
I told a guy that I kissed like an angel once. What I meant to say was that HE kissed like an angel. Wonder if he still remembers that moment, or the funny look he gave me?
Favourite place to go?
For a drive, music up load, empty car. Just me and the countryside. It's the perfect relax and unwind time. Who'd have thought I get terribly car sick?

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