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Review - **Debut Book** Broken Hearts and Bad Chinese By Jennifer Ettinger


Diana may be all grown up, but she still has the growing suspicion that digging through her past may help her figure out her future, and that growing a family means first uncovering the one you already have.

For as long as she can remember, Diana has been in love with Jake. The problem is, she doesn’t quite know how to love him in the right way. College was spent compromising herself to catch him. Their first few years together were spent compromising her goals to keep him. When Jake proposes, Diana can’t compromise any more. BROKEN HEARTS AND BAD CHINESE simultaneously tells two of Diana’s stories: the fairytale of falling in love, and the sitcom (or in Diana’s opinion, the Murphy’s law of break ups) that follows

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***Debut Book***

Jennifer Ettinger has a Debut Book in Broken Hearts and Bad Chinese.  When I saw the title of the book it made me intrigued, I was unsure,  I was honestly hoping the story was going to be better than the title.  So, you know the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover" the same should apply to Book Titles. Don't judge this book by the title, I like the title. 

Once you have read the story the title makes sense. 

The story is about Diana and Jacob. Two people who started off as friends, then a one night stand into a relationship. They argue constantly, but the make up is always better. Then After Jacob proposes to Diana and she says no. The relationship ends. To find out what happen I recommend you add this to your "TBR" list. 

I really liked this book. It flicks between past and present but I don't mind that as it explains a lot about the two characters. The pace and flow of the book are effortless. For a Debut Book Jennifer has done an amazing job. Diana and Jacob could relate to anyone one of us. Jennifer has done a fantastic job, at keeping the story real, real life, real situations. 

I felt sorry for Jacob sometimes, and at the same time I could sympathise with Diana, come on how many of us have felt like this but not been brave enough to follow our hearts. 

Jennifer, Thank you for an Amazing Debut Book, I loved everything about it. It's a book you can easily get lost into. 

I give this 4/5 stars  

About The Author 

Jennifer Ettinger is a new author, but not a new writer. Broken Hearts and Bad Chinese is her first novel, but she has been writing stories since the second grade, when she exposed the dramatic interpersonal relationships of red foxes. Jennifer is also a playwright, and she writes and acts for the new webseries “Adapting”. She is currently living in Queens with her husband while getting her Master’s from NYU to become a drama and English teacher.

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